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Autoglym Polar Blast Snowfoam

We were kindly sent 2.5 litres of Polar Blast by Autoglym to put to the test. We have used it on both protected and unprotected vehicles of various soiling, primarily observing cleaning power, economy and general effectiveness as a pre wash....


Autobrite Direct Superfoam Snow Foam

We acquired a 25L drum of Superfoam approximately 6 months ago due to the good face value that it offered on purchase. We have over the course of many vehicles observed the dwell times, cleaning ability and effectiveness as a pre wash. Foams well and clings well to vehicles.Smells fantastic...


Bouncers It’s All White Snow Foam

We were kindly sent a 500ml sample of a pre release bottle of Snow Foam from Bouncers to put through its paces. We have tried the product at various dilutions, both on to bare paint and following a citrus pre wash and on both light and heavy soiling. We looked for dwell time......


AutoBead Snow Foam

The entry into the snow foam market from the team at Autobead promising effective dirt removal and coating safe pre wash that is fast acting. How we Tested it - We used Autobead snow foam on a moderately soiled vehicle for the purpose of testing and observed the dwell time and effectiveness...


BD Clean Snow Foam

BD Clean kindly sent us a range of 500ml products for us to trial and review with the snow foam being one of them. We have used it via a snow foam lance on a variety of vehicles from well protected ceramic coated vehicles to heavily soiled vehicles observing dwell time, smell...


Power Maxed Snow Foam

We have been testing a range of Power Maxed products over recent weeks and have used at least 10 Litres of their snow foam now. As with all snow foams on test it has been used on a variety of vehicle types and levels of soiling, observing dwell time, smell, economy and cleaning...


Signature Group Candy Apple PH Neutral Snow Foam

Signature Candy Apple Snow is a super-concentrated pre-wash solution that can effectively loosen the bond between the dirt and your paintwork. This allows for the touchless removal of dirt within the ultra thick layer of foam, which will help to minimise the chance of swirl marks during...


CarPlan Demon Shine Snow Foam

We picked up about 20, 2L bottles of Demon Shine when a local store had a clearance and was selling them off for just £4 a bottle so we hoped it was good! Whilst you can get Demon Shine with a gun attachment to use via hose, we used it via our snow foam lance with approximately...




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