Redex Adblue 5l Review

Redex Adblue 5l
Redex AdBlue 5L, a diesel exhaust fluid, effectively reduces harmful emissions, complying with Euro 6 standards. However, the product's design, specifically the spout, may not be universally suitable due to varied filler cap locations.
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Designed with the modern diesel vehicle in mind, the Redex AdBlue 5L has surfaced as an essential additive to adhere to the stringent Euro 6 emissions standards. Crafted from a blend of urea and deionised water, this fluid works to significantly decrease the harmful emissions of diesel engines, specifically those constructed post-September 2015.

Efficacy and Conformance

The Redex AdBlue offers complete compliance with Euro 6 standards, ensuring safe utilisation for all diesel vehicles requiring this additive. By opting for Redex AdBlue, you not only care for your engine's performance but also contribute to a greener environment, reducing emissions by a remarkable 80%.

Notable Features

The Redex AdBlue solution provides several unique features which make it stand out from its competitors:

  • Safe and Secure Packaging: The bottle comes equipped with a unique and secure opening and locking mechanism, eradicating the need for free pouring, consequently diminishing potential spillages and odours.
  • Vehicle System Recognition: A minimum of 4.5 litres is required for the vehicle's system to acknowledge the top-up. With this 5L container, vehicle recognition becomes a breeze without the risk of false 'empty tank' alarms.
  • Reliable and Consistent Performance: Users have reported consistent performance with no issues, indicating its reliability and the brand's commitment to quality.

Practical Considerations

It is crucial to keep a backup plan if your vehicle runs on AdBlue. Without it, you may find yourself unable to start your car, which can be quite inconvenient. Furthermore, if your AdBlue supply depletes whilst on the road, it could result in a significant reduction in engine performance, as the car enters a 'limp' mode, causing a restricted top speed and loss of power to electrical components. Thus, it is vital never to disregard the AdBlue warning on your dashboard and ensure your AdBlue reserves are regularly stocked up.

User Experiences

Despite mostly positive feedback, certain users have encountered issues with the provided funnel, primarily when their AdBlue filler cap is located away from the fuel cap. These challenges include a shorter spout, requiring the liquid to commence pouring before reaching the car's filler, leading to occasional spillages. This issue seems to be more prevalent for larger vehicles such as the Range Rover Evoque, where the AdBlue filler is located at the rear of the engine.

Final Verdict

While the Redex AdBlue 5L is a reliable choice for most diesel vehicles, certain design improvements could make it more universally suitable. Nonetheless, it remains a solid and reliable product, helping vehicle owners comply with environmental regulations and maintain their car's optimum performance. Users are advised to establish the location of their AdBlue filler cap before purchase to ensure compatibility.

  • What exactly is Redex AdBlue 5L?

    Redex AdBlue 5L is a diesel exhaust fluid that is used in diesel vehicles, primarily those built after September 2015. It's a blend of urea and deionised water used to reduce harmful exhaust emissions.

  • Why is it necessary for my diesel car?

    AdBlue is crucial for diesel cars to meet the stringent Euro 6 emissions standards. It works to reduce the toxic emissions produced by diesel engines by up to 80%. If your vehicle requires AdBlue and runs out, it might not start, and if it's running low, you could experience a drop in engine performance.

  • How does the Redex AdBlue 5L help with emissions?

    The Redex AdBlue 5L works by breaking down harmful mono-nitrogen oxides in the exhaust into harmless nitrogen and oxygen. This chemical reaction happens in the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system of your car, reducing the amount of harmful exhaust gas emitted into the environment.

  • Does Redex AdBlue 5L adhere to the Euro 6 standards?

    Yes, Redex AdBlue 5L is fully compliant with the Euro 6 emissions standards, meaning it's safe for use in all diesel engines that require an AdBlue additive.

  • How can I tell when it's time to refill my AdBlue?

    Most vehicles will display an AdBlue warning on the dashboard when it's time to refill. It's crucial not to ignore this warning, as running out of AdBlue can prevent your car from starting or lead to decreased engine performance.

  • What's unique about the Redex AdBlue 5L bottle design?

    The Redex AdBlue 5L bottle features a unique secure opening and locking system. This design helps to prevent spillages and odours, which can occur with free pouring.

  • How much of the product do I need to use for my vehicle to recognise the top-up?

    The vehicle's system typically recognises the top-up once a minimum of 4.5 litres has been added. The Redex AdBlue 5L pack is designed to provide a little extra to ensure recognition and to keep your car running smoothly.

  • Are there any challenges in using this product?

    Some users have reported issues with the spout being too short for their vehicle's AdBlue filler cap, particularly if it's located away from the fuel cap. This issue can cause some spillage when tipping the container to start pouring.

  • Is the Redex AdBlue 5L suitable for all types of diesel cars?

    While the Redex AdBlue 5L is suitable for most diesel vehicles, the effectiveness of the spout design can vary based on the location of the AdBlue filler cap on specific vehicle models.

  • What should I do if I spill some of the Redex AdBlue 5L?

    AdBlue is generally harmless, but it can corrode certain materials. If you spill some, it should be rinsed off immediately with water. Try to avoid spilling it on the vehicle's paintwork, and always make sure to clean your hands afterwards.

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