RAC HP082 Rechargeable Jump Start System Review

RAC HP082 Rechargeable Jump Start System
The RAC HP082 Rechargeable Jump Start System is a portable, reliable solution for small-engined vehicles, offering quick battery boosts with easy-to-read status indicators.
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The RAC HP082 Rechargeable Jump Start System is a reliable and convenient solution for drivers with small-engined vehicles who occasionally face the dreaded flat battery. Designed to jump-start petrol engines up to 1.5L and diesel engines up to 1.2L, this compact device has already become a lifesaver for many motorists.

Upon first use, the internal battery requires an 18-20 hour charge, which may be a minor inconvenience for some. However, once charged, the unit is completely portable and doesn't require mains power. With battery level and charging status indicators, it's easy to keep track of the device's power status.

Equipped with a 400Amp rechargeable jump start system, the RAC HP082 is suitable for vehicles up to 1500cc. Its built-in lead-acid rechargeable battery and dual 12v DC output sockets provide the necessary power to get your car started. The battery status LED indicator ensures you know when it's time to recharge the unit.

While the RAC HP082 has garnered positive reviews for its effectiveness and ease of use, some users have reported issues with charging times and compatibility with larger engines. That said, for drivers with smaller-engined vehicles, this jump-start system remains a valuable investment that could save time and the expense of an emergency call-out.


  • Jump starts petrol engines up to 1.5L and diesel engines up to 1.2L
  • Portable and doesn't require mains power once charged
  • Battery level and charging status indicators
  • 400Amp rechargeable jump start system
  • Suitable for vehicles up to 1500cc
  • Built-in lead-acid rechargeable battery
  • Dual 12v DC output sockets
  • Battery status LED indicator

In conclusion, the RAC HP082 Rechargeable Jump Start System is a practical and user-friendly tool for drivers of small-engined cars. With its portability, clear status indicators, and reliable performance, it's a must-have for those who want peace of mind on the road.

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