RAC High Performance De-Icer Review

You no longer have to keep running back and forth with the kettle to try and melt the ice thanks to this high performance De-Icer.
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What We Say

What is it?

No one enjoys de-icing their car on a frosty morning, so we're always on the lookout for products that make it a little easier.

The RAC De-Icer instructions are simple, you simply spray this superb RAC De-Icer onto the frosty windows and scrape it off with ease.

We picked up a can of this for £1.50 at our local B&M store.

How we tested it?

We followed the instructions and used it on a heavily frosted windscreen.

We Liked:

  • Impressed with how quick it shifted the ice, almost straight away the ice had gone and we only had to put the wipers on to remove the liquid. Easy!
  • No need to keep squeezing a trigger, thanks to the compressed can just simply press on the nozzle

We didn't like:

  • If you leave the can in the car, it's gonna be very cold to hold! But that's the same for all canned products!


Actually, really impressed with this de-icer, it was, as RAC describe it 'High Performance'and at just £1.50 it's not overly priced either. It shifted the ice quickly with very little hassle and all that was left to do after was put the wipers on. So always have one of these handy in the winter!

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