Wo-Wo Detailing Brushes

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Wo-Wo Detailing Brushes

What is it:

A set of two detailing brushes of varying size with one of 25mm diameter and one of 40mm diameter. These chemical resistant brushes can be used for a variety of uses on both the interior and the exterior of the vehicle and promise not to damage delicate areas on the car.

How we tested it:

We have put these brushes through extensive testing over a period of three weeks, using them for a variety of tasks on a wide range of cars. We have combined them with the use of harsh wheel cleaners, fallout removers, interior cleaners and used them on their own in vent areas and other intricate fiddly parts of the car. We particularly looked for the build quality of the brushes as well as their ease of use and how they performed through a range of uses.

We Liked:

  • Feel high quality in their build. The bristles feel robust and of premium quality and the handles sturdy and feeling durable.
  • Stood up well to agitating harsh chemicals and were absolutely fine over the period of testing with no clogging of or loss of bristles.
  • Bristles are firm enough to effectively remove awkward soiling in tighter spaces.
  • Box that brushes come in makes for convenient storage when used.

We Didn’t Like:

  • We feel the price may put some people off at £5 per brush.
  • Whilst possibly personal preference, we weren’t overly sure on the sizes. We found ourselves at times wanting different sized brushes.


These type of detailing brushes are always useful and are something that we will always have to hand and always have done from a variety of brands. Due to so many similar products on the market, when choosing between them, it will likely come down to finer details and cost. The Wo-wo entry is undoubtedly a quality offering which we found more than capable of every task we faced them with and users will also like the simple touches such as black bristles on the red lipped handle which makes them look more stylish than rivals and the quality feel of the product. We feel the product may struggle initially to convert people due to its high price. Rivals offer 4 or 5 brushes for less than the two here and of various sizes and this may sway people. It would be nice if in time Wo-wo could offer more sizes in this range.

A Closer Look

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Range of use
Value for Money

Our Score

Rating: 7.9/ 10

Perfect Polish

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Wo-Wo Detailing Brushes
Wo-Wo Detailing Brushes
Wo-Wo Detailing Brushes
Wo-Wo Detailing Brushes

Product Information

- Wo-Wo Detailing Brushes -

Ideal for interior and exterior tasks. Natural fibre construction so won’t damage delicate surfaces. Suitable for using with chemicals – provided that the care instructions are followed. Soft plastic collar for added protection when working in smaller areas – such as wheels

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