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Vantage Detailing's Quick Detailer is an excellent product to quickly remove any dust or other defects on any part of your vehicle quickly and easily.

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What is it:

A peppermint and teatree scented quick detailer from the team at Vantage Detailing which promises to make the removal of fingerprints, dust and blemishes alike, quick and simple.

How we tested it:

We were chatting to the team at Vantage Detailing at the recent Waxstock festival and after smelling the product and falling in love, we couldn’t resist purchasing a bottle to put through its paces. As always with detailers we were looking at the ease of use, the difference to final finish and its range of uses.

We Liked:

  • The smell hits you the second you start spraying the product and is amazing. Smells like something you want to drink…but don’t…
  • Leaves a stunning high gloss finish. A real noticeable difference in appearance post use.
  • Quite grabby but in a positive sense. You feel like it is actively removing surface blemishes.
  • Fantastic value, £5.50 for 500ml is a no brainer.
  • Great for door shuts and deep cleaning engine bays and alloy wheels due to its high effectiveness at removing grime for a detailer.

We Didn’t Like:

  • A little slower to use than other detailers, we found that we had to follow up with a second mf at all times as can be a little smeary on removal.
  • Trigger bottle design dispenses too much product for us, we found less is more and would benefit from a different trigger.


Without question one of the best value detailers available today. The smell is fantastic and makes it a product you look forward to using and the finish is a true, deep wet gloss look. We occasionally got frustrated with having to additionally buff areas where the product had gone slightly smeary but the results justified the few extra minutes spent detailing. We can see this detailer selling very well for Vantage, the price is fantastic, the results speak for themselves and the smell is to die for. We don’t like the trigger head but that aside, it is a well branded, quality quick detailer.

Update: Lumo Detailing rebranded as Vantage Detailing in 2020. Their formulas remained the same however their branding was updated.

by Andy Aug 2017

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