Ring Automotive Magflex Twist LED Inspection Light Review

Product Overview

Ring Automotive Magflex Twist LED Inspection Light Image
  • Ultimate control over lighting direction - rotates 360º and 180º ratcheting.
  • Exceptional light output - new technology COB LED provides 250 lumens.
  • Produces white light similar to daylight.
  • Wide angle of light output that has uniform intensity.
  • Magnet for hands free use.
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What is it?

Ring Automotive is a leading European brand in car accessory products and lighting so we were keen to see what their Inspection Light offering was – so we tested out the Ring Automotive Magflex Twist LED Inspection Light which is one of their most popular lights.

Magflex Twist does what it suggests, it twists around 360º and has a 180º ratchet angle to manoeuvre it into virtually any position. The casing features 2 magnets to allow you to attach it to metal surfaces, perfect for hands free use. It's made from a mix of plastic and a rubberised plastic to help give you a bit of grip on the light when handling.

It produces a white light from a COD LED providing 250 Lumens from the main light but also has a small light on the top to help direct light in a concentrated area. Both lights only have one setting, on or off.

You can pick up the Magflex Twist from around £30 and is available from a number of different retailers.

How we tested it?

As with all inspection lights we test it in a dark unit in an engine bay to test its brightness, ability to get into different areas and ability to use handsfree. All inspection lights are fully charged prior to testing.

We Liked:

  • You can pick these up for just £30 which makes it very well priced
  • It is IK08 rated which means it should withstand most small impacts
  • It's got some good weight behind it, so feels like it will last

We didn’t like:

  • It's not one of the brightest inspection lights we have used at only 250 Lumens, there are brighter alternatives.
  • It's a little bit on the bulky side so you may struggle to get into smaller areas


Overall it's good well priced inspection light. It doesn't set the world alight with the brightness but it would be sufficient for most uses. If your budget can't stretch to some of the more expensive inspection lights this is a great cheaper alternative.


by Peter Mar 2018

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