Polished Pigs Wheel Cleaner

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Polished Pigs Wheel Cleaner

What is it:

A non-acidic wheel cleaner available from the Polished Pigs team, the product is described on the official website as; a non-acidic product that safely removes dirt build up and debris. The formula of Wheel Cleaner actively lifts dirt from the surface and allows for safe cleaning.

How we tested it:

Polished Pigs kindly sent us a range of their products to put through their paces and amongst these was a 550ml bottle of Wheel Cleaner. We applied this to a range of wheel surfaces, both heavily soiled and more lightly soiled and both agitated and rinsed without agitation to observe cleaning power as well as observing the optimum dwell time.

We Liked:

  • Very effective cleaning power, we found we didn’t need to agitate on most occasions with a coating of wheel cleaner effectively removing dirt once jet washed.
  • Non acidic formula means its largely coating safe and wont tarnish wheels.
  • Simple, stylish packaging, feel of a premium product.
  • Good trigger head dispenses product well over a wide area.

We Didn’t Like:

  • Some rivals are more concentrated\arguably offer more value.
  • Very choking if accidentally inhaled during use. Though this is an accepted par for course with many effective cleaners.


We hate wheel cleaning. Along with glass, it is the one part of detailing a car that we really do not look forward to. With that in mind, any product that can be as effortless as possible is always going to be well received. With Polished Pigs wheel cleaner, we largely found the only places that really needed agitating were around wheel nuts. Otherwise, it was mostly a contactless wheel cleaner. An effective one too! We were very impressed with the outright performance of the product and our only real slight downer with the product was we found we got through it very quickly!

A Closer Look

Cleaning Power
Dwell Time
Ease of Use
Value for Money

Our Score

Rating: 8.7/ 10

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Polished Pigs Wheel Cleaner
Polished Pigs Wheel Cleaner

Product Information

- Polished Pigs Wheel Cleaner -

Wheel cleaner is a non-acidic product that safely removes dirt build up and debris. The formula of Wheel Cleaner actively lifts dirt from the surface and allows for safe cleaning. Simply spray on allow to dwell for no longer than 5 minutes, agetate with a soft bristle brush and rinse.


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