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Fallout Remover, with its carefully formulated properties, allows you to safely remove any stubborn brake dust embedded on your wheels or your paintwork.

Spray directly onto the contaminated area and leave to dwell, any contaminants will start to turn purple. Rinse off promptly after colour change.

Avoid using in direct sunlight and don't allow product to dry on wheels or paint.

Why would you use fall out remover over a wheel cleaner- Fall out remover has been carefully formualted to directly tackle brake dust(caused by the breakdown of your break pads and disks)

Fallout is tiny pieces of metal that can embed themselves into your paint and wheels which a normal wheel cleaner will struggle to break down and remove.

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What is it:

Polished Pigs entry into the Fallout Remover world with their “bleeding” colour changing product. Designed to be sprayed on, left to dwell and rinsed away, removing contaminates.

How we tested it:

We were sent 550ml of Fallout Remover from the Polished pigs team to put to the test. We did this both on bodywork and wheels, observing the effectiveness at contamination removal and its general usability for its role. We observed this both on very heavily soiled\contaminated vehicles and those we had pre-treated to see how much more this could extract.

We Liked:

  • Foaming action of the product allows for a greater dwell on the vehicle.
  • More targeted approach is easier with the thicker foaming action, helpful on wheels.
  • Effectively removes contaminates, deposits turning purple before being rinsed away.
  • Well priced among other fallout removers.

We Didn’t Like:

  • Not as fast to react as some others on the market but this did make for a sometimes useful dwell.
  • We found we used a lot of product due to the more focussed, foaming action.


We get the feeling that this product will either be your favourite fallout remover or frustrate you. At times we loved its foaming action, allowing a good dwell time and more targeted application. Yet on the flip side we found it both time and product consuming to effectively cover larger areas.

A difficult one to assign a rating to, as a fallout remover it is difficult to criticise as it effectively removes fallout from vehicle surfaces and is well priced. As an overall package, this wasn’t quite for us. We would love to hear your thoughts on the product.

by Andy Aug 2018

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