Nilfisk C110 Pressure Washer

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Nilfisk C110 Pressure Washer

What is it:

Taken from the Amazon description of the product; Nilfisk is one of the largest manufacturers of cleaning equipment in the world and are the professional’s choice, and launched the first domestic pressure washer in the UK in 1985. Using their specialised knowledge Nilfisk bring you the C110 4-5 X-tra PC a true high performance pressure washer. Made from high quality robust raw materials this machine will do what you have bought it for - clean the patio, drive, brickwork, garden furniture, car, bike and so much more with speed and ease.

How we Tested it:

We previously owned the C110 and used it frequently as a pressure washer both in our detailing business and at home to carry out tasks such as patio cleaning and cleaning of garden furniture. We looked for build quality, ease of use, accessories and general cleaning power.

We Liked:

  • Great range of accessories included with the machine including a great patio washer attachment and various spray heads.
  • Easy detach lance release to change between accessories with ease.
  • Nice compact design with space for accessories to slot into the machine.
  • Good pressure output for a compact machine.

We Didn’t like:

  • Hose split on two of our models after constantly coiling on itself during use.
  • Our gun developed a leak where the hose connects to the gun itself.


If you are after a small compact pressure washer, you won’t go far wrong with the Nilfisk, though it does suffer from frequent use on a wear and tear sense. We like Nilfisk’s general design and their approach to a well thought out machine but do think that the hosing and gun possibly need a little attention. Depending on your needs, the machine should tick most people’s boxes but if using frequently don’t necessarily expect longevity.

A Closer Look

Build Quality
Cleaning Performance
Ease of Use
Range of use
Value for Money

Our Score

Rating: 7.9/ 10

Perfect Polish

Bear Car Care

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Nilfisk C110 Pressure Washer
Nilfisk C110 Pressure Washer

Product Information

- Nilfisk C110 Pressure Washer -

You can make good use of the C 110.4 pressure washer. It is handy sized and the build-in trolley on the X–TRA models makes it easy to transport. This machine has a number of functions that cover basic cleaning needs and is used for tasks around the house such as cleaning of bicycles and small patios

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