G3 Professional Applicator Waffle Pads

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G3 Professional Applicator Waffle Pads

What is it?

Two handheld applicator waffle pads for use with a variety of correction and protection products. A firmer white pad for restorative work and a softer black pad for finishing, applying waxes and protection evenly.

How we Tested it:

We have now used three sets of these pads on a variety of different products, both from within the G3 range and beyond. We have looked at the ease of use, place for the pads and performance as an alternative to other applicators.

We Liked:

  • Great that the set includes both. Trust us, even if you only wanted one type, you will find multiple uses for the other!
  • Nice sized applicator fits nicely in the hand during use.
  • Durable applicators that clean out well and can be used again and again.
  • White applicator has good levels of cut.

We didn’t like:

  • Occasionally the waffle shape of the white applicator can make it awkward to evenly spread products.


People often overlook equipment and accessories in their pursuit of new products when in reality most products are only as effective as their application. This all in one applicator kit from G3 has a plethora of uses from the ability to cut and refine paintwork, apply protections and access areas a machine polisher would struggle. The black foam applicator we originally encountered as part of a set with G3 Super Gloss Paste Wax and loved and is our favourite and most used of the two applicators. The white foam we found great for localised correction but not as even over a larger area, though we anticipate this is more its intention anyway. Occasionally with the white we actually flipped the applicator upside down to get a flat face over a waffle face with good results over a larger area. Definitely worth the very well priced investment.

A Closer Look

Cutting Capability
Ease of Use
Product Distribution
Range of use
Value for Money

Our Score

Rating: 8.8/ 10

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G3 Professional Applicator Waffle Pads
G3 Professional Applicator Waffle Pads
G3 Professional Applicator Waffle Pads
G3 Professional Applicator Waffle Pads

Product Information

- G3 Professional Applicator Waffle Pads -

The G3 Pro Applicator Waffle Pads reduce effort and increase effectiveness when applying G3 Pro products. Their unique surface minimises wastage and ensures you get the ultimate finish in the shortest time.

  • Two Waffle Pads – 1 x Restore, 1 x Finish
  • Minimises wastage
  • Easy to use
- Buy From -


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