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Perfect to protect your car from frosty nights and mornings the Demon Ice 1 Litre can be used the night before as a icer preventer as well as a de-icer that also helps prevent re-freezing..

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What is it?

There isn’t much worse than going outside in the morning and finding your car iced over, its one of those tasks no one likes to do.

This is where Demon Ice claims to help! Demon Ice advertised that it ‘prevents overnight freezing’ and is an ice preventer. Sounds great doesn’t it!

The bottle says simply spray on windscreen the night before and leave. Demon Ice stays right where its been sprayed and prevents ice from forming overnight.

We picked up a bottle of this for £4 at our local Wilko store.

How we tested it?

We followed the instructions and sprayed the product on a windscreen before a frosty night to see the outcome the following morning.

We Liked:

  • Used as a de-icer it worked ok
  • For a de-icer based product I thought it had a nice scent

We didn’t like:

  • It didn’t really work. For a light frost we found that it did make the ice a bit slushy but still required scraping off. For a heavier frost it didn’t really touch it.
  • Based on the above, its price point is very high.
  • If used on a non-wiped window (eg. Side window) it would leave a residue behind


I was really disappointed with this product, I had high hopes that it could banish that painful task of de-icing your car on a cold frosty morning. Nevertheless it didn’t perform much better than a cheap can of de-icer you can get for a quarter of the price and because of this it’s not going to be on our shopping list.

Have you used this product? We’d love to hear how it performed for you.

by Peter Feb 2019

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Available at Amazon Buy for £4.50