Bouncer's Slick Mick Car Shampoo

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Bouncer's Slick Mick Car Shampoo

What is it:

Bouncers themselves describe the product as follows; Bouncer's Slick Mick Shampoo provides excellent cleaning ability and superb slickness across the paintwork. It is PH7 neutral so is product safe and wax safe. Used at a dilution rate of between 1-3 capfuls per 10 litre bucket (dependent on local water hardness) it offers outstanding value for money and falling in line with the brand offers the ‘famous’ ‘Fizz’ fragrance.

How we tested it:

We were kindly scent 500ml of Bouncers Slick Mick to put through its paces and have done on a wide range of vehicles varying from heavily soiled cars needing much TLC to ceramic coated vehicles where we tested it as a maintenance product.

We Liked:

  • Lovely thick shampoo that has a real premium feel to it when dispensing.
  • Suds and foams up very nicely with a mousse like texture to the foam, adding to the premium feel of the product.
  • Feels slick, safe and high quality when gliding over the panels which it does with good lubricity and ease.
  • Competent cleaning ability whilst maintaining a PH7 coating and wax safe level.
  • Smells fantastic. Has a scent that reminds us of Apple lace sweets.

We Didn’t Like:

  • It has a premium feel but is certainly priced as a premium product.
  • We would like the fantastic smell to accompany the product more during use. We found we had to use a fair bit of product for this.


A genuinely lovely product to use on your car with a real premium feel. If you are a fan of the way Bouncers create their other products then you will also love the familiar sweet shop smell and characterful feel this product comes with. Newcomers to the brand may flinch at the pricing of the larger quantities of the product, particularly in litre form but after trying would be converted to its great premium, slick feel. If you care about your car and particularly enjoy using a product that as well as knowing is coating safe, actually feels safe, this could be the one for you.

A Closer Look

Cleaning Power
Value for Money

Our Score

Rating: 8.6/ 10

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Bouncer's Slick Mick Car Shampoo

Product Information

- Bouncer's Slick Mick Car Shampoo -

Slicker than a Dolphin wearing Raybans, smoother than a triple Gillette blade and safer than James May doing doughnuts in a 3 wheeler. Bouncer’s shampoo is a high concentrate blend with no fillers or added foaming agents.

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