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Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Regular is an easy to use paint cleaning clay that provides a fast and efficient method for removing embedded particle contamination from vehicle paints and clear cote finishes.

Unlike all other clay bars on the market Bilt Hamber clay only requires water as a lubricant as opposed to expensive quick detailers, couple this with the 200g size of Bilt Hamber clay bars and you have a very cost effective product that can last much longer than clays half its size that often break down with the use of quick detailers as they are not compatible with water as a lubricant.

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What We Say

What is it?

One of the most popular clay bars on the market. The medium clay offers contaminant removal ability while not being too coarse for soft finishes. Arrives in a 200g bar.

How we Tested it?

We have purchased multiple clay bars from the great guys at Clean Your Car and we proceeded to cut each 200g bar into 4x50g bars, sufficient for the average sized vehicle with moderate contamination. Bilt Hamber claim you can use their clay with just water for lubricant but we tested both with water and dedicated clay lube mixes.

We Liked:

  • Well presented and professional looking product which is the norm of Bilt Hamber.
  • Clay arrives wrapped in special paper to prevent sticking to packaging and to repackage after use.
  • Paint safe unless you deliberately do something silly. It is very hard to marr your paint with this clay
  • Fantastic results with a perfectly smooth surface.

We Didn’t like:

  • The clay itself is quite hard to mould into shape and doesn’t soften easily.
  • The texture of the clay can result in the edges pushing out and the middle wearing completely through from time to time meaning more refolding and moulding.


One of the best clay products on the market largely due to its ease of use. The Medium offers a compromise between removal ability and safety but is suitable for almost all tasks. We used the Regular clay prior and it seriously marred the paintwork. This is an ideal clay product for both professionals and those new to claying as it is very difficult to go wrong with it. Just be prepared for your fingers to ache!

by Andy Feb 2016

What You Say


Our Score


Readers Score

Available at Amazon Buy for £12.50