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Introducing Topaz, the first "hybrid" polish. It utilises several different modern polish technologies, offering valeting and detailing customers massive performance gains, especially on modern paint finishes.

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What is it?

A polish but with a difference. Autosmart claim that Topaz can be applied to the bodywork, trim, plastics and all without whitening. Not only this but done so very quickly and leaving a protective coating behind. In theory the ultimate all in one product.

How we tested it?

Upon hearing of Autosmart Topaz, we contacted our local rep to get our hands on a sample to trial. We have since purchased a 5L contained to extensively test Topaz on a range of paint finishes.

We Liked:

  • Ridiculously easy to apply polish, it goes on like butter with a tiny amount on a foam applicator going a very long way.
  • Autosmart speak the truth… it doesn’t whiten trim at all and in fact adds a layer of protection to trim!
  • Leaves an incredibly deep gloss to all paint finishes.
  • Very good value for money due to the economy of the product.
  • Puts a genuine layer of protection on the vehicle with great beading properties than can then be topped further with a wax.

We didn’t Like:

  • We found that if left for any significant length of time and in particular on darker finishes it can leave shadowing in the paint which can be an absolute pain to remove. Also sensitive to conditions.
  • Doesn’t haze like other polishes which can make it very difficult to see where you have polished and\or when its ready for removal.


A hugely impressive product that if you are in the trade in particular, you would be foolish not to stock. For pure time saving and cost saving reasons, Topaz truly is a game changer of a product. Whilst it can frustrate and is very sensitive to conditions, the depth of finish it leaves and that 9 times out of 10 you will have no issues with its application and removal make it a truly wonderful product. We will never be without Topaz for a quick head turning shine.

by Andy Mar 2016

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