Autoglym Clean All Review

Product Overview

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Multi-functional cleaner for the removal of dirt and contaminants from all automotive surfaces

  • Multi-purpose
  • Powerful cleaner
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Highly concentrated
  • Highly economical to help boost profit margins
  • Saves storage space
  • Saves time and avoids the need for numerous products
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What is it?

A multi-use cleaner from Autoglym for use on any vehicle surface to remove traffic film, oil, grease, brake dust and fabric marks The product is safe to use on paintwork, wheels, rubber, fabric, vinyl and plastic.

How we Tested it:

Autoglym kindly sent us 5 litres of Clean All in a statement to say they believe their product was better than other competitors. Naturally we took them up on this challenge and have tested the product in a range of means from interior deep cleaning to exterior pre-wash, bug removal and general cleaning tasks both in the vehicle and at home!

We Liked:

  • Very effective cleaning power particularly on interior hard surfaces. Used at 1:10 and sprayed on to plastics and agitated it was rare that we would have to re-treat an area.
  • Clear dilution guide on the packaging to refer to for various tasks.
  • Has a disinfectant type smell to it which will appeal to some and not others but it certainly isn’t offensive and not as harsh as rivals.
  • Leaves surfaces not only noticeably clean looking but clean feeling, genuinely removes greasy type feels to surfaces.

We didn’t like:

  • Not as dilutable as rivals, for example G101 can be diluted 30:1 for lighter soiling whereas the lowest dilution recommended on the packaging by Clean All is 10:1.
  • Would be nice if this product was available as a general Autoglym product not just the professional range as it isn’t a difficult product to use and would benefit many.


This is a great product and the best Autoglym product we have used to date. We will happily stock this in our product range from now on as we found so many uses for it. Without the harshness of rival products but maintaining the cleaning power, Clean All was an invaluable member of the interior cleaning kit over recent weeks and made short work of some very heavily soiled interiors. Even when using at stronger dilutions, we never felt it would have adverse effects and it is a product that all would benefit from owning. It’s a shame that many members of the public will never know the product exists!

by Andy May 2016

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