Oxlaw Android Auto Wireless Adapter Review

Oxlaw Android Auto Wireless Adapter
The Oxlaw Android Auto Wireless Adapter offers seamless, automatic wireless connectivity for Android Auto, supporting mapping, messaging, and music streaming, despite its higher price point and occasional minor glitches.
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Ease of Connection

The Oxlaw Android Auto Wireless Adapter serves as a veritable lifeline for Android Auto users who are tired of grappling with cables every time they embark on a journey. With a simple plug and pair setup involving your car's USB port (A or C), it ushers you into a wireless connection bliss in an instant. What's more, it's smart enough to spring into action every time you ignite your car's engine. Nestled in the storage box, the gadget is unobtrusive, maintaining an impeccable signal irrespective of its tucked-away position.

Value for Money

While it carries a fairly hefty price tag, it's crucial to note that contemporary living comes at a cost. A negligible delay at the start is a small price to pay for the convenience the adapter offers.

Compatibility and Connectivity

Equipped with a smart chip that supports WiFi and Bluetooth, the adapter interacts smoothly with your Android phone, setting the stage for an impressive performance of wireless Android Auto. What's more, this device keeps Android Auto within reach of owners of older car models by bridging the connectivity gap. If your car model came with a factory wired Android Auto, this is your ticket to wireless convenience.


The adapter stands out as a worthy companion to your wireless charging routine, rendering a wired connection redundant. Connected to the car's infotainment system via a succinct USB cable, it ensures the bulk of the unit stays minuscule.

Utilising the superior 5Ghz band, the wireless adapter provides a high-speed, high-throughput connection, vital for the efficient display of map imagery. The occasional glitch or stutter could be attributed to any component in the chain, from the system to the wireless adapter, the smartphone itself or the Android Auto software on your 'phone.

The adapter empowers you with the freedom to access maps, messages, and music, directly from your phone with minimal delay. While it might not match the speed of a wired connection, it serves the purpose well.

Build Quality and Performance

Though the build quality of the adapter might not be breathtaking, it shines through with its functional prowess. The bundled adapter makes transitions from USB A to USB C a breeze. The pairing process is a straightforward 5-minute job. Once this is achieved, your phone automatically connects every time you step into your car.

Signal Strength

The signal strength is remarkable. Even at a distance of 5m from the car, your phone is recognised without a hitch, providing uninterrupted service and fulfilling your wireless aspirations.


  • Seamless wireless connectivity, eliminating the need for cables
  • Effortless setup and automatic connection with every ignition
  • Remarkable compatibility with a wide range of cars and Android phones
  • Superior performance using the 5Ghz band for high-speed data transfer
  • Facilitates a range of operations, including mapping, messaging, and music streaming
  • Impressive signal strength and range
  • Bundled adapter for easy transitions between USB types

Despite a few minor glitches and a somewhat less-than-impressive build, the Oxlaw Android Auto Wireless Adapter effortlessly brings the power of your Android phone to your car's display. It embodies the future of Android Auto, where wires are redundant, and seamless connectivity is the order of the day. Indeed, it is an investment towards an enhanced driving experience.

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