Power Maxed Summer Jacket Review

POWER MAXED SUMMER JACKETâ„¢ Nano Shield is an easy on easy off nano sealant for those who want nothing but the best protection. This Summer Jacketâ„¢ Sealant can be used on the entire vehicle including glass, plastics, alloys, steel and rubbers. This product will give unrivaled gloss for your paintwork and chrome. We recommend first application to be used as supplied, and monthly dilute and spray over vehicle.
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What We Say

What is it?

In the words of Power Maxed themselves:

Nano Shield is a brand new next generation nanotechnology coating, which protects and enhances the appearance of automotive paint work in one simple step. Within seconds Nano shield bonds to the surface. Treated surfaces are much more reflective, and extremely hydrophobic. Nano Shield is based on the chemical process which allows the nano scale particles to organise into an interlaced layer and form a perfect bond with the surface at a molecular level.

How we tested it?

We were sent a 500ml bottle by Power Maxed to review, we were very excited to try it as we loved their other protection products and didn't know this was even due for release! We have used it on a range of treatments as a final protective stage and also topped with wax. We have observed ease of application, protection and gloss enhancement.

We Liked:

  • Amazing smell hits you straight away and makes it a real pleasure to use.
  • One of the best products we have ever used in terms of pure gloss enhancement. We were literally gobsmacked by the difference it made to the depth of colour on a Fiesta ST in particular we used it on.
  • Very easy application. Spray and wipe and then buff several minutes later if required.
  • Clear protective qualities. Water beads instantly after application and forms tight uniform beading.

We didn't like:

  • Whilst clearly a great product. We are yet to see how different it performs to their other sealant offerings.


We are going to continue to monitor Summer Jacket in terms of durability but early impressions are of a great product. We have nearly finished our bottle despite only recently receiving it and this is due to its ease of application and clear visual enhancement properties. Our only question is that whilst easier to use than Winter Coat and Sealant, Power Maxed's other offerings, does it have a place? We think so, the only thing is, it could make their other offerings obsolete. A direct comparison between all three may well be worth investigation to observe their individual claimed merits. A very impressive, well priced and easy to use paint sealant, Summer Jacket is a no brainer in its price point. We'll report back once we've tested the durability!

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