Polished Pigs Shampoo Review

Our Shampoo is simple. It's carefully blended formulation gives great cleaning abilities whilst being safe to use on paint work.
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What We Say

What is it:

A PH Balanced Shampoo from the Polished Pigs team. Polished Pigs describe it themselves as; Our Shampoo is simple. It's carefully blended formulation gives great cleaning abilities whilst being safe to use on paint work.

How we tested it:

We were sent 550ml of Shampoo to utilise and review and have used it over the past 3-4 weeks at the testing studio on a range of vehicles. We looked at the slick feelpaint safety of the product as well as its cleaning capability, also factoring in value offered and its place in the market.

We Liked:

  • Nice rich, foamy shampoo. Gives a quality feel to the product during use.
  • Smells great, both in the bottle and during use - something some products fall flat on once they leave the bottle!
  • Good cleaning capability and didn't leave any unsightly residue or streaking behind on the panels.
  • PH balanced coating safe product.

We Didn't Like:

  • Quite expensive. Rival products can be had for less for same quantity and sometimes more.
  • Dilution rate is decent but not spectacular, again falling against some rivals in terms of economy of product.


We have been impressed with the Polished Pigs range of products and amongst a surge for the detailing industry of late, they certainly hold their own as a quality entry to the market. Their shampoo, as with all products tested does immediately give a sense of quality both in terms of design and capability. The product smells nicely, produces a nice thick lather and cleans well, all that you can really ask of a quality car shampoo. Our only issue with the product is its price point and unfortunately puts it in the firing line of some big rivals offering far higher concentrations for the price and that are very well established. If you are a fan of the Polished Pigs range, you won't be disappointed with the performance of the product. As an overall product targeting new buyers, we feel the price point and economy will see users possibly reaching for rivals.

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