OSRAM LEDinspect Slimline 280 Inspection Lamp Review

LEDinspect PRO SLIMLINE 280 is a rechargeable LED inspection light with robust design. Thanks to the long-lasting high intensity LEDs with a color temperature of up to 6,000 Kelvin, this luminaire produces a powerful light for your garage. In addition to the high-powered main light, the durable fixture has a torch function and provides a 180° degree bending mechanism. No batteries are needed – LEDinspect PRO SLIMLINE 280 can be easily charged via USB port and DC connection. OSRAM offers a 3 year guarantee for this inspection luminaire
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What We Say

What is it?

We've always associated Osram as a company that product quality car bulbs, but we only recently realised they also stretch out into the torches and inspection light markets - so given their reputation for bulbs we were eager to test out their inspection lights.

The Osram LEDinspect Slimline 280 is a hinged inspection light boasting 280 lumens of light from the main area and a small torch on the top. The light can be charged via the AC mains docking stage or via USB this should give the light around 4 hours of continuous use from a 5 hour charge - when it's low a handy light will show you when it needs to be recharged.

There is a plastic retractable hook allowing you hang the light where required and comes with a magnetic base to attach to a metal object.

You can pick up the light for around £45-50 at time and writing and it comes with a 3 year Osram Guarantee.

How we tested it?

As with all inspection lights we test it in a dark unit in an engine bay to test its brightness, ability to get into different areas and ability to use handsfree. All inspection lights are fully charged prior to testing.

We Liked:

  • It's very slim and agile allowing you to get into tight areas with its hinge.
  • Comes with a docking station allowing you to easily put it back on charge after use
  • Comes with a recharge warning light to let you know when the battery is running low
  • Great to see it have a 3 year warranty behind it

We didn't like:

  • For the price it feels a bit on the flimsy side and I'd be concerned if I were to drop the light from any kind of height it would not end well.
  • At 280 lumens for the main light it's not the brightest inspection light we've tested


Overall, it's a very good inspection light, it's nimbleness allows it to get into small and hard to reach spaces and the dock provides a great storing space whilst charging the light. It perhaps isn't the brightest out there, you can certainly get brighter but it would do the job well.


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