Naviwax Ultimate Carnauba Wax Review

Naviwax Ultimate Premium Carnauba WaxThe highest grade premium carnauba wax from Naviwax range.. Can be used on any colour vehicle. Naviwax is manufactured in Japan and is arguably the easiest applied and best finish wax in it..
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What We Say

What is it:

Taken from the Nubawax website, official distributors of Naviwax; The highest grade premium carnauba wax from Naviwax range. Can be used on any colour vehicle. Naviwax is manufactured in Japan and is arguably the easiest applied and best finish wax in its class. Naviwax Ultimate can be applied and polished up in seconds to produce a stunning, long lasting, deep lustre shine that will bring your paintwork to life and protect it from the elements. This 280 gram tin contains enough for approx. 50 applications (wet application) and can be applied to paintwork, plastic trim, glass, mirrors, motorcycle visors etc. Unlike other waxes, Naviwax doesn't leave any chalky residue or swirl marks.

How we tested it:

Nubawax kindly sent us a tin of Naviwax to put through its paces. We have applied it to a variety of cars and surfaces including both those which have had a machine correction and those where it has been applied to uncorrected paintwork. We have also applied the product as per advise with tin to glass, plastics and all bodywork surfaces. We are particularly looking for ease of application, finish, value and protective qualities.

We Liked:

  • Amazingly easy to apply, goes on and off panels like butter and doesn't over saturate the applicator pad.
  • Leaves a stunning deep, 'wet look'finish. We have layered it to give even greater depth still.
  • Superb water repellency, beads water relentlessly on contact.
  • Huge tin gives many, many uses.
  • Very useful to be able to apply to any surface, makes full protections of vehicles quicker and easier.
  • Definite filling properties, helping to mask swirl marks and defects.

We Didn't Like:

  • For a premium product, the packaging is lacking. The tin looks cheap and the product branding isn't quite in line with stylish rivals. A packaging refresh wouldn't go amiss just to look good on your shelf once it's out of the box.
  • Smells very chemical, not the most pleasant product to use but the results are worth it
  • Can leave a little streaking behind on darker vehicles so make sure you double check.


This is the first product we have tested from the Ioncoat range and it is certainly a winner. The finish was so spectacular on test that we have had customers asking what we used on the cars pictured after Naviwax applications. We particularly liked the speed and ease of application which allows for a very effective protective barrier to be applied to your vehicle with minimal effort. We also loved that it can be applied to glass, proving as effective, if not more effective than dedicated glass sealants. At £60, the wax is entering the premium product market and has some big fish to fry and to pull people away from. When compared to similarly priced products, it looks cheaper which may see consumers not taking the chance on the product. This would be a shame as it is such a good final stage product.

Note: Durability TBC.

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