Meguiar's Ultimate Paint Care Kit Review

Meguiar's Ultimate Paint Care Kit
The Meguiar's Ultimate Paint Care Kit provides a comprehensive, user-friendly solution to achieve a glossy, mirror-like finish and protect your vehicle's paintwork, delivering flawless results on cars of all ages
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As a reviewer specialising in automotive products, one must say, Meguiar's Ultimate Paint Care Kit truly lives up to its name. This comprehensive car care solution provides car enthusiasts and novices alike with an excellent avenue for achieving a stunningly glossy, mirror-like finish for any vehicle's paintwork.

The All-Inclusive Kit

This multifaceted kit is not simply a single product, but a well-planned, three-step process designed to comprehensively cater for your vehicle's paintwork needs. It comprises of:

  1. Meguiar's Ultimate Compound
  2. Meguiar's Ultimate Polish
  3. Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax

Each product plays a critical role in nurturing your car’s paint, ensuring that it not only looks its absolute best, but remains well-protected in the long run.

The Beneficial Three-Step Regime

This trio works harmoniously to completely rejuvenate your vehicle's finish. Their benefits include:

  • Clearing stubborn oxidation, stains and other sub-surface defects while polishing the surface to a mirror finish.
  • Providing fantastic gloss, reflectivity, and a deep rich wet look via rich polishing oils.
  • Offering advanced, pure synthetic hydrophobic wax that ensures the longest lasting protection.

Notably, the use of Meguiar's Thin Film technology makes application and wipe-off an effortless task, even in full sun!

Experience of Use

The Ultimate Paint Care Kit holds its own in real-world application. It was found to be exceedingly user-friendly, with one not needing to be a professional detailer or valeter to use it. The guidance from Meguiar's YouTube tutorials greatly aided in the process.

Once the car was washed and clayed for a deep clean, the application of the compound, followed by the polish, and lastly the wax, was straightforward. Although applying and wiping off every area by hand did require some time, the results were unequivocally worth it. A five-year-old car was left looking better than new.

Another vehicle, a seven-year-old car, also benefited from this kit, showcasing a deep shine and superb water beading effect in the rain. The application of these products by hand, without machine polishing, was incredibly efficient and produced minimal dust.

The Ultimate Test

Perhaps the most compelling testament came from a 20-year-old VW van that had never been polished or waxed before, with paint that had oxidised to light grey and white in parts. Using the Meguiar's compound, followed by the polish, the vehicle's colour was significantly restored. After attending to stone chips and rust spots with touch-up paint, the van was waxed, and the results were extraordinary. The van's colour matched the original unfaded areas hidden beneath the number plates, and the vehicle was completely transformed.


The Meguiar's Ultimate Paint Care Kit is a robust, versatile, and capable solution for maintaining the lustre and protecting your vehicle's paintwork. When applied correctly, it delivers a flawless finish that truly brings out the beauty of your vehicle. Whether you are an experienced car enthusiast or someone simply looking to maintain your vehicle's appearance, this kit offers a comprehensive, efficient, and highly effective solution.

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