Meguiars Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner Review

Meguiar’s Hot Rims All Wheel and Tire Cleaner is designed to be safe on all factory produced clear coated wheels. It will wash grime with ease, leaving behind not only clean wheels, but clean tire sidewalls as well. Its unique foaming solution, Xtreme Cling is designed to cling to vertical surfaces and break down stubborn road residue from both metal and rubber.
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What We Say

What is it?

A foaming wheel cleaner designed to be safe for use on all wheel types as well as on tyre walls with a high cling formula for optimum dwell time

How we Tested it:

We recently purchased a set of Meguiars products to put through their paces. Having always been a fan of the brand we decided to try some long standing products that we had not used before. With Hot Rims we observed largely its cleaning power, uniqueness and place for the product.

We Liked:

  • Very precise dispersal of product due to great trigger head and consistency of the product.
  • Powerful cleaner, made light work of soiling on a variety of wheels we utilised it on.
  • High cling formula is great and allows for agitation to remove more stubborn deposits, foaming nicely as you do.
  • Ability to thoroughly clean tyre wall as well as wheels.

We didn't like:

  • Not an economical product. Quite a lot of product is needed to effectively clean the wheels. We found the bottle nearly finished after 4 sets of wheels.
  • Quite expensive, particularly with economy factored in.
  • Thicker, foaming consistency is good for intricate areas such as the wheel face but not as easy to use on the larger inner dishes.


A funky looking product, we have always been keen to try Hot Rims yet for some reason have never got around to doing so. After using the product for several weeks now we can say that it actually exceeded our expectations as a wheel cleaner, being one of the strongest and most effective we have used. The high cling formula is also a bonus on intricate wheels as it really aids the agitation process and allows for more effective cleaning. Where the product falls flat slightly is that the clinginess of it is also its downfall in that much product is needed to cover a wheel properly, making this a very effective wheel cleaner but one which comes at a premium.

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