Magcubic HY300 Mini Portable Projector Review

The Magcubic HY300 Mini Portable Projector offers impressive visual quality, advanced features, and portability at an affordable price, making it a valuable choice for movie enthusiasts. Highly recommended!
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When venturing into the world of home theatre setups, finding the ideal projector can be a daunting task. And with a plethora of options available, Magcubic's latest offering – the HY300 Mini Portable Projector – aims to revolutionise our expectations from a compact and portable projector.

First Impressions

From the moment you unbox the HY300, it's evident that this isn't just another run-of-the-mill gadget. Dubbed "The Freestyle Projector", it comes with the cutting-edge Android TV 11.0 OS, backed by an Allwinner H713 smart chip. Not to mention, it's loaded with a generous 1GB+8GB ROM storage, ensuring you're never short of entertainment options.


  • Integrated Android TV: Provides seamless access to popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, and Disney+.
  • Ample Storage: 1GB+8GB ROM storage to hold your favourite content without the need for external devices.
  • WiFi6 & BT 5.0 Connectivity: Utilises the latest in wireless tech for swift and stable connections.
  • HiFi Speakers: While its built-in 3W*1 HiFi speakers offer decent audio, external Bluetooth speakers can enhance the experience.

Visual Experience

The HY300's visual prowess is undeniably impressive. Though it's worth noting that it thrives in a low-light environment, the projection quality is quite remarkable for its size. With a 1280*720 native resolution and support for Full HD 4K videos, it offers clarity that rivals some of its bulkier competitors. The vividness of colours, boasting an accuracy of around 95%, makes for a delightful viewing experience.


  • High Resolution: 1280*720 native resolution with support for 4K videos.
  • Stunning Contrast: A dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1 ensuring deep blacks and bright whites.
  • Zoom & Noise Control: 50% zoom function paired with a noise level reduced to 25 dB.

User Experience and Functionality

While some may argue against the effectiveness of the auto keystone correction, the feature comes handy, especially for those who prefer a quick setup. However, the more discerning among us might lean towards manual adjustments for that pixel-perfect display. The projector’s ability to cater to both is commendable.

Its multifunctionality is evident in the stand, which rotates nearly 180 degrees, providing projection flexibility. A substantial addition would be an SD card reader and expanded storage in future iterations.


  • Easy Setup: Auto keystone correction paired with manual adjustments.
  • Versatile Stand: Rotate almost 180 degrees, offering projection options from floor to ceiling.
  • Compact & Portable: Effortlessly take it with you, ensuring entertainment on-the-go.

Remote Control and Additional Features

The remote, albeit basic, provides comprehensive control, offering access to various menus and adjustments. The built-in Bluetooth functionality is efficient, ensuring you're never tethered by cables, barring the power one.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Swift pairing with external audio devices.
  • Comprehensive Remote: Offers full control over your viewing experience.
  • Built-in Android OS: Download apps directly onto the projector for an enhanced experience.

Final Verdict

The Magcubic HY300 Mini Portable Projector stands out in a crowded market. While it has a few areas for improvement, such as enhanced audio and edge clarity, it offers value that's hard to beat. For those seeking an affordable, feature-rich projector that doesn't skimp on quality, the HY300 is well worth a look.


It may not be the epitome of perfection, but for its price point, the HY300 is a delightful surprise. Whether it's for occasional movie nights or regular use, it promises a commendable performance. A hidden gem, indeed!

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