Iceplane Ice Scraper Review

The idea of the ICEPLANE ice scraper first came to Ian Rolph, who runs his own window glazing business, one morning at his home in Stanhope in Weardale, County Durham when temperatures fell to minus 15 degrees C after a night of heavy rain. "The ice was thick on the windscreen of the van and, having no ice scraper to hand, I used a 'V' shaped piece of plastic fascia corner. It worked so well it set me thinking. It was so effective that I just knew I could turn this into something."
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What We Say

What is it?

According to the manufacturers themselves it's 'A British-designed and manufactured scraper, the only extruded scraper on the market, ICEPLANE'S unique design brings exceptional performance at an affordable price'. In short it's an ice scraper with two blades allowing you to scrape in both directions.

How we Tested it?

It's no secret that here in the UK we don't have all year round sun, so when it comes to winter we often have some harsh frosts. Now there is not much worse than getting up for work and your car is frozen over and you're already running late. The IcePlane Ice Scraper promises to make short work of the ice - after waiting over a month for a good frost to test the product out our prayers were answered. The Ice Scraper was tested on a windscreen with no other heat or de-icing products applied. We've tested this on both a thin and thick frost.

Using the IcePlane is simple - you just grip the padded holder and scrape up and down, easy. As with any ice scraper you still need to put enough force behind it when scraping, it made short work of the ice. We checked the windscreen after for scratches and it was scratch free.

We Liked:

  • It's small enough to put in your glovebox without it taking up the space that a usual sized ice scraper would.
  • Comfortable padded grip
  • Cleared the ice quicker than a normal single blade ice scraper.

We Didn't like:

  • Be prepared to still get a cold hand
  • Will the plastic blades stand the test of time? It's been good so far but we'll keep you up to date.


So, it's an ice scraper, you maybe need it a few weeks of the year, so is it worth it? You can pick one of these up for around £6 (at the time of publishing), you can also pick up a normal ice scraper for around £2-£4, so for just a couple of pound extra. Anything that speeds up a laborious task like getting ice off your windscreen it's worth it in our opinion.

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