HandiRack Universal Car Roof Rack Review

HandiRack Universal Car Roof Rack
The HandiRack Universal Car Roof Rack stands out for its versatility, robust construction, and user-friendly design. It's a cost-effective, secure solution for transporting various gear, making it an essential car accessory for outdoor enthusiasts and travellers
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In the vast arena of car accessories, the HandiRack Universal Car Roof Rack emerges as a distinct and innovative tool. It's an answer to all storage dilemmas during family road trips or sporting outings. This review delves into why this car roof rack is a brilliant selection for vehicles.

Unparalleled Versatility

The HandiRack car roof rack truly outperforms in its universal applicability. It effortlessly caters to an array of car types, whether a hatchback, an SUV, or a saloon. From Audi to Vauxhall, HandiRack doesn't discriminate, fitting a broad spectrum of makes and models. However, it's worth noting that this equipment is unsuitable for cars with curtain airbags or convertibles.

Solid Construction and Design

Constructed from robust 400 denier nylon, the HandiRack boasts 5 D-ring anchor points for added secure transportation. Despite its lightweight nature, it is heavy-duty with an impressive load capacity of up to 80kgs. The rack has undergone rigorous testing and is certified for use even at highway speeds. Its aerodynamic design minimises vibrations during use, ensuring a safe and smooth journey.

Simplicity of Assembly and Use

One of the strongest attractions of the HandiRack is its uncomplicated assembly process. Accompanied by a comprehensible instruction manual, and a double-action HandiPump that inflates each bladder of the roof rack within seconds, this equipment proves user-friendly. Furthermore, it is easy to disassemble and conveniently store in its portable nylon drawstring travel bag.

User Experience

Users have reported an overwhelmingly positive experience with the HandiRack. Following unsatisfactory experiences with other brands, switching to HandiRack led to a surge in satisfaction. It capably accommodated a longboard and a soft board while maintaining stability and reliability.

In another instance, the HandiRack's performance was put to the test with a triple extension ladder mounted atop a Mazda 3. The result was outstanding, with absolute stability and no movement, dispelling initial scepticism.

Benefits of the HandiRack Universal Car Roof Rack

  • Universal compatibility with a range of car makes and models
  • Durable construction with heavy-duty 400 denier nylon material
  • User-friendly with simple assembly and disassembly
  • Compact and portable, facilitating convenient storage
  • Affordable alternative to other pricier roof rack systems
  • Effective cushioning to prevent damage or scratches to gear
  • Includes 2 HandiRack twin tubes, 2 HandiStraps, a HandiPump, an instruction manual, and a travel bag

The Verdict

The HandiRack Universal Car Roof Rack goes beyond being a simple car accessory. It's an affordable, practical solution to transportation dilemmas, eliminating the need for extra vehicles or delivery services. Whether it's a surfboard, a piece of furniture, or fishing rods, the HandiRack offers enough versatility to securely transport various belongings. It's a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, frequent travellers, or anyone in need of additional vehicle storage. In summary, HandiRack is an exceptional fusion of utility, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

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