Garmin Zumo 346LMT-S Motorbike Satnav Review

Garmin Zumo 346LMT-S Motorbike Satnav
The Garmin Zumo 346LMT-S Motorbike Satnav is a robust, feature-rich navigator, offering adventurous routing, seamless connectivity, and entertainment, making it a dependable companion for exciting, safe, and unforgettable motorbike adventures.
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Few experiences rival the exhilaration of exploring unknown roads on a motorcycle, and a trusty navigator like the Garmin Zumo 346LMT-S Motorbike Satnav is an indispensable ally for such adventures. This rugged device, specially designed for the biking community, is not merely a direction-giver; it's your companion on the road, offering a wealth of features that make your rides safer and more exciting.

Unyielding and Resilient

The Zumo 346LMT-S is robustly built with a sunlight-readable 4.3" display that's easy on the eyes even in the brightest conditions. This glove-friendly device resists fuel vapours, UV rays, and harsh weather, embodying the spirit of a true rider. It's not just about the journey; it's about braving the elements to reach the destination.

Connectivity and Sharing

With this device, staying connected and sharing your journey is a breeze. Using the Smartphone Link app, you can:

  • Make hands-free calls
  • Receive smart notifications
  • Share GPX files for group rides
  • Get free live traffic and weather updates

Unforgettable Rides with Adventurous Routing

The Zumo 346LMT-S is more than a standard navigation device. Its Garmin Adventurous Routing feature finds curvy, hilly roads for those who prefer an adrenaline-filled journey.

  • It limits major highways, keeping your ride exciting and unexpected.
  • It provides helpful rider alerts for sharp curves, speed cameras, and more.
  • It includes Automatic Incident Notifications for enhanced safety.

Entertainment on the Go

With this device, you can easily access and control music and playlists from your smartphone, all displayed conveniently on the Zumo screen. It's built-in Wi-Fi also facilitates easy map and software updates without needing a computer.

A Few Considerations

Despite the above benefits, some users might find the device's screen size limiting. While the device is designed to be compact, it may not zoom in enough for detailed road views for some users. Additionally, the response time to input could be quicker, but these are minor drawbacks compared to the overall value this device provides.

The Verdict

The Garmin Zumo 346LMT-S is not just a gadget; it's a tool for riders who yearn for adventures. In spite of some minor limitations, it's an excellent choice for any rider seeking a reliable, feature-rich navigation device.


  • Robust and resilient to tough weather conditions
  • Sunlight-readable, glove-friendly 4.3” display
  • Hands-free calling and smart notifications using the Smartphone Link app
  • GPX file sharing for group rides and free live traffic and weather updates
  • Adventurous Routing finds hilly, curvy roads and limits major highways
  • Automatic Incident Notifications for enhanced safety
  • Easy access and control of music and playlists from your smartphone
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for easy map and software updates
  • Excellent value for money

No matter the journey or the destination, the Garmin Zumo 346LMT-S Motorbike Satnav is a dependable navigator that turns every ride into an unforgettable adventure. With an array of rider-centric features, it's a worthy companion on the road, adding a layer of convenience, safety, and entertainment to your motorbike escapades.

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