Garmin Mini 2 Voice Controlled Dashcam Review

Garmin Mini 2 Voice Controlled Dashcam
The compact Garmin Mini 2 Dashcam offers clear 1080p HD recording, voice control, secure cloud storage, and a Parking Guard feature, providing reliability and convenience.
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Imagine a dashcam so compact and stylish that it almost disappears behind your rear-view mirror, yet is loaded with features to keep you protected on the road. Introducing the Garmin Mini 2 Dashcam, a diminutive marvel that measures a mere 31 x 53 x 21 mm. This tiny titan delivers an array of benefits that belie its unassuming size.


  • A sweeping 140-degree field of view ensures that vital details are captured and saved in stunning 1080p HD video, even in challenging lighting conditions
  • An intuitive voice control system puts you in command, enabling you to save videos, initiate or cease audio recording, and capture still images with just a simple command
  • Never worry about losing footage, as videos are automatically saved to the secure Garmin cloud Video Vault, providing effortless editing, sharing, and access from any location
  • The innovative Parking Guard feature vigilantly monitors your parked vehicle, alerting you with a recorded video clip if it detects any suspicious activity
  • Seamlessly integrates with wireless and Bluetooth connectivity for enhanced convenience


  • Ultra-discreet design maintains an unobstructed view while driving
  • Vivid, crystal-clear HD video recording captures every crucial detail
  • Voice command functionality for a truly hands-free experience
  • Secure and easily accessible cloud-based video storage
  • Parking Guard offers invaluable peace of mind

While the Garmin Mini 2 Dashcam has garnered praise for its size and impressive feature set, some users have reported minor hiccups with the app and wireless connectivity. However, these are but small wrinkles in an otherwise fantastic package. With its attractive price point and stellar performance, the Garmin Mini 2 Dashcam is an irresistible choice for motorists seeking a discreet, reliable, and feature-rich dashcam.

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