Garmin Drive 52 EU MT-S 5 Inch SatNav Review

Garmin Drive 52 EU MT-S 5 Inch SatNav
The Garmin Drive 52 EU MT-S offers straightforward navigation, swift satellite acquisition, and clear instructions. While lacking in advanced features, it excels in simplicity and functionality, ideal for no-nonsense users
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The landscape of satellite navigation has grown quite sophisticated, with devices now offering a multitude of features beyond just getting from point A to B. The Garmin Drive 52 EU MT-S is a testament to how a straightforward, functional device can still find its space amidst the plethora of advanced satnavs in the market.


  • Brand: Garmin
  • Model Name: Drive 52 EU MT-S
  • Vehicle Service Type: Auto
  • Screen Size: 5 Inches
  • Special Feature: Touchscreen
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, with iPod Control being iPod Plug-In only
  • Map Type: Europe
  • Included Components: Garmin Drive 52, 12v Power Lead, USB, Quick Start Guide
  • Battery Life: Approximately 1 hour


  • User-friendly Interface: Simplistic design which is particularly inviting for users who might feel overwhelmed with overly intricate systems.
  • Real-time Updates: Offers live Traffic and parking updates when paired with a smartphone.
  • Rich Features: Access to TripAdvisor ratings and vast foursquare points of interest.
  • Safety First: Includes useful notifications such as school zones, safety camera locations, and speed changes to ensure safer driving habits.

In-Depth Analysis:

Having used the Garmin Drive 52 for half a year, the initial verdict is rather positive. The primary feature, satellite acquisition, is impressively swift, significantly outpacing many older models. Users expecting a flurry of fancy tools might be slightly underwhelmed; the Drive 52 offers a basic setup, focusing more on delivering accurate navigation than lavish features. One voice guide - which is indeed pleasant to the ears - guides you throughout your journey. However, the device falls short in the personalisation department, lacking any options for uploading individual lists of favourite locations or specific points of interest.

Inputting destinations is fairly straightforward. Users can opt to enter either the postcode or drill down from town to street level. A noticeable shortcoming emerges for those looking to navigate to a general town centre. The system mandates a particular street name, albeit not necessarily a house number. This can prove tedious for those unfamiliar with likely central locations in unfamiliar towns.

While the touchscreen boasts a 5-inch display, it can sometimes misinterpret touch gestures. Scrolling or zooming might occasionally be mistaken for selection clicks. Despite this slight glitch, the navigational instructions are notably clear. A valuable addition would be cues for multiple upcoming turns, assisting drivers in preparing for rapid, successive lane changes or exits. This isn’t always consistent, though hints are occasionally provided which can be paired with street signs for accurate navigation.

A minor yet notable advantage is the battery longevity. Though it sustains for only 20 minutes without power, it provides ample time for users to set up their routes indoors before transitioning to their vehicle.


The Garmin Drive 52 EU MT-S 5 Inch SatNav might not be the bell-ringer in the world of advanced satellite navigation systems. Yet, for those in search of a reliable, no-nonsense navigator, it surely delivers. The essence is captured perfectly by the old adage - "it does what it says on the tin." If simplicity paired with efficiency is your goal, the Garmin Drive 52 is certainly worth a look.

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