Flexipads Wheel Whoolie Wands Review

A luxury set of premium wheel and trim brushes custom designed and developed for car care enthusiasts detailers & valeters. Three different sizes allow safe and effective front to back cleaning of even the most complex designed wheels.

1x Large Wheel Wool Wand (overall length of 20" with a 3" super-soft wool head) - ideal for reaching deep into wheels or cleaning wheel wells.

1x Medium Wheel Wool Wand (overall length of 18" with a 2" super-soft wool head) - ideal for smaller gaps, air diffusers, door jams and engine bays.

1x Small Wheel Wool Wand (overall length of 9" with a 2" super-soft wool head) - ideal for tighter gaps and narrow spoke wheels.

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What We Say

What is it:

A set of three differently sized wheel cleaning wands designed to reach between spokes safely and the back of wheels with ease. Heads of wands are topped with merino lambs wool and presented with wooden handles with a hanging strap.

How we tested it:

We purchased a set of 3 wheel woollies from Monza Car Care as we were keen to invest in something along these lines for the detailing business as well as put these to the test for the purpose of review. We particularly looked for the cleaning ability of the tools, the ease of use and build quality.

We Liked:

  • Stylish wheel wands with the wooden handle. Have the look and feel of a premium product.
  • Very well priced compared to rival brands which offer a similar product.
  • Makes cleaning particularly the dishes of alloy wheels much easier and a better final result more easily achieved.
  • Great for getting inbetween the tight spokes on awkward wheels and deep cleaning these area.
  • Nice and resistant to chemicals. We have used these on dozens of vehicles over a period of several weeks using everything from weak to strong wheel cleaners and fallout removers.

We Didn't Like:

  • The hanging straps on ours have rotted with damp and snapped quickly.
  • Wool can sometimes get stuck between spokes and pull away from the handle.
  • We aren't sure all three sizes are needed. Possible options to buy less for less money would be good.


These are the first wheel woolie type product that we have tested and we have been very impressed. They have certainly for us changed the way we deep clean wheels and have made areas previously difficult to access that much more accessible. The quality of the Flexipads woollies is impressive. We genuinely expected the wool heads to fail from chemical usage but they have far surpassed our life expectancy for the design and still show no real sign of giving up the ghost yet. Compared to rival products on the market, the Flexipad woollies certainly appear to offer good value as we don't really see anything other than small improvements that could be made, of which much are largely trivial and they would certainly be a very useful addition to any detailers accessories.

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