Farecla G3 Pro Body Prep Clay Mitt Review

The G3 Body Prep Clay Mitt uses an advanced rubber polymer technology to remove ingrained, bonded contaminants such as dirt, bugs, tar spots and other dulling pollutants from paintwork, windscreens and even headlights.
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What We Say

What is it?

A surface preparation clay in mitt form. Designed to be faster and longer lasting than traditional clay bars with the added bonus of being able to rinse clean if dropped.

How we Tested it?

We have purchased in excess of double figures of these mitts now and used them heavily in the paint correction preparation side of the detailing business. We have used them with dedicated clay lube as well as a water and shampoo mix as recommended and observed ease of use, surface marring and final panel result.

We Liked:

  • A fantastic time saver. Both the size of the clay face and method of use massively reduce the amount of time spent claying in comparison to traditional clay bars.
  • Results were impressive particularly considering the time taken. Panel was smooth and largely contamination free.
  • Eliminates the need for clay lube with a bucket of shampoo solution being sufficient and proving more cost effective.
  • Well priced as it lasts a fair while (we wouldn't recommend more than 4-5 cars) and readily available on the high street.

We Didn't like:

  • If the mitt is overused it will punish you with quite significant surface marring which will need machine polishing to remove.
  • Unlike with traditional clay, you cannot tell how much contamination is on the clay surface and being transferred around the panel.
  • One advantage of clay is you can change coarseness dependent on task. This is a one grade for all type product.
  • If you press to hard, you can transfer clay residue on to the panel which can be a pain to remove.


We both love and hate the clay mitt as a concept, not necessarily just the G3 offering. We constantly use them on a daily basis, but wouldn't necessarily recommend them. Confused? To clarify, the only time we would use a clay mitt is if you plan on correcting paint by machine afterwards anyway. If this is the case, they are a fantastic time saving option. The G3 mitt is one of the better made clay mitts we have come across and is a very capable contaminant remover while offering good value for money. We really would recommend however if you are not correcting after use to use traditional clay as it is safer and easier to see when to stop using the clay. For the detailer, the G3 mitt is a sound purchase and money earner in time saved. For the home user who may just be looking to clay prior to protecting paintwork, approach with caution.

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