Envy Car Care All Purpose Cleaner Review

A super concentrated all purpose cleaner, or APC to those in the trade.

This product can be diluted up to 80:1 and still be effective.

Non caustic (unlike the leading brand G101) and wont make you cough when the wind changes direction!

This product smells pleasantly of bubblegum.

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What We Say

What is it?

Envy Car Care APC or All Purpose Cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaner for both use inside and outside the vehicle. It can be diluted as strongly as 10:1 for heavy cleaning or as little as 80:1 for light soiling and general maintenance cleaning.

How we Tested it?

We were sent a 500ml bottle to trial and review. We used the product at various dilutions and agitated the product using a stiff brush as well as trialing just as a stand-alone spray and wipe cleaner without agitation.

We Liked:

  • Fantastic value and available in various sizes from 500ml to suit the home user right through to 25L for the trade user.
  • Highly effective interior cleaner which clearly has a fast impacting effect on soiling. With gentle agitation the cleaner was highly effective, particularly on textured interior plastics and pedal areas.
  • Non caustic formula means you don't have to worry about any nasty after effects like you do with other All Purpose Cleaners.
  • Pleasant Bubblegum scent makes it far more pleasant to use that other harsh smelling chemical cleaners.

We Didn't Like:

  • Whilst a safer alternative, doesn't quite pack the punch of some its rivals with outright cleaning power.
  • Instructions could benefit from a little more information such as the dilutions required for certain types of task rather than two quite generic dilutions.


We will be buying this product and are sure it will become a mainstay on our shelf. Whilst it may not have the cleaning capability of some of the harsher APC's, the harshness is something we want less of in our interior use of such cleaners and this is where Envy's offering excels. We found it fantastic to spruce the whole interior with from pedals and heavy soiling on plastics to refreshing the dashboard and even on fabric. It seems to then leave a fantastic base for any desired dressing to then be applied. For an interior APC we would highly recommend it but we would use alongside a harsher cleaner for exterior use.

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