Dodo Juice Supernatural Wheel Sealant Review

Super-Durable Scratch Resistant Coating. Nano-ceramic coatings are a break through in paint protection technology which have become very popular alternatives to traditional waxes and sealants.

This new dodo nano wheel sealant is a highly durable nano-ceramic coating that could last 1-2 years on wheels.

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What We Say

What is it:

Dodo Juice themselves describe the product as follows; Supernatural Wheel Sealant is a state of the art nano coating with outstanding water repellence and acid resistance. It also lasts far longer, defies scratches more effectively and repels dirt far better than traditional wheel waxes or sealant.

How we Tested it:

We were asked as part of our detailing business to remove, decontaminate and seal a quite complex set of Volvo wheels. We thought an ideal opportunity to put Supernatural to the test over an extended period of time as we would regularly be seeing the vehicle for maintenance. We observed the ease of application, effectiveness and durability amongst other factors.

We Liked:

  • Very professionally presented with very clear instructions, health and safety advise, applicator and stylish packaging.
  • Very effective water beading and sheeting properties that have lasted impressively.
  • Fast flash point and easy removal of product during application.
  • Leaves a fantastic lustre to the wheels appearance.

We didn't like:

  • Not just a bad smell, a dangerous smell. Thankfully you are clearly warned of this in the package but does make it a little unsettling to use.
  • Needs a pipette type applicator on the bottle, very easy to over apply product to applicator.
  • Not the cheapest at £35 for 30ml.


Dodo Juice are a very established brand in the detailing world with many fans so one would hope and expect that their flagship range Supernatural would really impress. Whilst some may baulk at the £35 asking price, the expected lifespan of 12 months for the product coupled with the ease of cleaning it provides soon eliminate this price point from your thinking. Impressing both in its ease of use and durability on test, the product streams away water and has very noticeably kept wheels both much cleaner and more easy to clean. Thought does need to go into the dispensing of the product as at present it can be hazardous. A pipette/tipped nose on the bottle would allow for more controlled application to the suede towel and also minimise the dizziness inducing aroma. As a wheel sealant the product is excellent, a few tweaks would lead to a class leading overall product.

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