DeWalt DCS355N-XJ 18V Cordless Multi-Tool Review

DeWalt DCS355N-XJ 18V Cordless Multi-Tool
The DeWalt DCS355N-XJ is a versatile, robust multi-tool, excelling in precision tasks with its powerful motor and ergonomic design. Ideal for DIY and professional work, it's a valuable, efficient tool.
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The DeWalt DCS355N-XJ 18V Cordless Multi-Tool stands as a testament to DeWalt's long-standing reputation for crafting robust, professional-grade tools. This latest addition, a versatile and powerful tool, embodies DeWalt's ethos of confidence and durability, especially under tough conditions.

Product Overview

  • Compact and Mighty: Sporting a 300w motor, this multi-tool is not just compact but also packs a punch with 0-22,000 oscillations per minute. This makes it a rapid responder to the most demanding tasks.
  • Control and Comfort: Its variable speed control, coupled with a dual grip position, offers a seamless soft start function and enhanced application control. This results in a tool that's both high-performing and user-friendly.

Long-standing Heritage

DeWalt's journey, which began in 1922, is marked by a relentless pursuit of job site excellence. Every DeWalt innovation, including the DCS355N-XJ, is driven by a commitment to enhance performance, usability, and productivity. This approach ensures that every change in design translates into a tangible benefit for the professional user.

In-Depth Review and Experience

As a seasoned user of DeWalt products, including their drills and jigsaws, I approached the DCS355N-XJ with high expectations, and it did not disappoint.

The Benefits:

  • Trusted Brand Quality: The tool upholds the DeWalt tradition of quality. Its ergonomic design ensures balance and comfort, especially when the battery is attached. The sturdy plastic and rubber grip add to its durability and ease of use.
  • Efficient Blade System: The quick-release tool press is a game-changer. Blades can be attached swiftly and securely, ready for a variety of tasks, from chopping to sanding.
  • Versatile Accessories: The inclusion of multiple blades and over 20 sheets of sandpaper adds to the tool's versatility. The ease of finding compatible accessories, like the Tops Tools Set of Blades, further enhances its utility.
  • User-friendly Operation: The pressure-responsive trigger, coupled with a lock-out switch, ensures a fatigue-free experience. The front light is a thoughtful addition, aiding precision in every cut.
  • Multi-functional Usage: From grout removal to intricate cuts, the tool excels in various applications. Its ability to handle tough jobs without overheating or power loss is commendable.

Room for Improvement:

  • While the tool excels in functionality, the inclusion of a wider variety of blades and a carrying case would have been beneficial.

Comparison and Value

Having previously considered similar tools like the Fein multi-tool, the DeWalt DCS355N-XJ's price-to-performance ratio is particularly striking, especially when purchased as a bare unit. This tool not only complements existing DIY kits but also proves to be an invaluable addition in itself.

Practical Applications

This multi-tool has proven its worth in numerous scenarios:

  • Home Improvements: Effortlessly trimming doors and adjusting frames.
  • DIY Projects: From cutting wall tiles to fence panels, and even clearing old adhesives, its versatility shines.
  • Major Renovations: It has been particularly useful in installing new bathroom fixtures, handling tasks like cutting pipes and removing tiles with ease.

Additional Thoughts

  • Cutter Availability: While DeWalt cutters are slightly pricier, there are compatible alternatives available that offer similar performance at a reduced cost.
  • Safety Features: The tool's design includes a lock button for safe blade changes, and the easy-to-use trigger doesn't compromise safety.


The DeWalt DCS355N-XJ 18V Cordless Multi-Tool is a standout product, blending DeWalt's signature quality with innovative features. It's an essential tool for anyone serious about DIY projects or professional work. Its versatility, ease of use, and robust performance make it a wise investment for a wide range of applications.

This review is crafted based on hands-on experience and personal assessment. It aims to provide an unbiased and comprehensive look at the DeWalt DCS355N-XJ 18V Cordless Multi-Tool.

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