Creative Hitch Air Fresheners Review

Creative Hitch create a range of Air Fresheners available in a range or scents and styles.
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What We Say

What is it:

A range of quirky car themed hanging air fresheners available in a range of scents. Available in a wheel design, airlift or suspension spring shape design.

How we Tested it:

After receiving a sample air freshener in the BecauseRaceCarBox subscription service and being impressed, Creative Hitch kindly sent us a range of their hanging air fresheners to trial. We have now had the opportunity to trial these over an extended period of time where we have obviously looked at the quality of scent along with how long it lasts and whether overpowering or not.

We Liked:

  • Nice artistic designs which will be popular with car enthusiasts.
  • Cinnamon scent in particular is beautiful and also seemed to last longer than the others.
  • Decent durability for a hanging air freshener of a good 2-3 weeks of noticeable scent.

We Didn't Like:

  • A couple of the scents were a little overly sweet for us but could be argued this is personal preference with smells.
  • You can choose your smell and the style of air freshener but the colour depends on the scent, it would be great if Creative Hitch could go one step further and you could have any variety of scent/colour/design.


We haven't really used hanging air fresheners for some time due to favouring spray air fresheners of late but have always liked quirky designed fresheners as they can both lift an interior scent wise and add to the appearance. Creative Hitch with its car part themed designs will definitely appeal to the petrolheads and decent durability and value make these a good choice for an in car air freshener. Our personal pick is the wheel design in Cinnamon scent which was lovely and reminded us of the Atomic Fireball sweets we used to have as a kid!

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