Chemical Guys Hex Logic Quantum Pads Review

Quantum Hex-Logic Buffing Pads manipulate physics to deliver better polishing results. White Light-Medium Quantum Polishing Pads restore gloss, reflection, and a deep-wet shine after removing heavier swirls and scratches with harder cutting pads. The White Quantum Pad is the perfect pad for finishing polishes like V38 Final Polish or light swirl removers like V36 Cutting Polish.
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What We Say

What is it?

A range of machine polishing pads of various cuttingfinishing ability. The Hex Logic Quantum is a development of the extremely popular standard Hex Logic pads with the new pads featuring a hollow centre to aid heat distribution, a change in profile of the pad to maximise surface contact and developments in pad stability and build.

How we Tested it:

We were avid users of the Hex Logic pads for as long as we could remember but they came with compromises. When we learnt of the Quantum range we purchased a wide range of pads and have used them for a multitude of tasks from cutting and refining to headlight restorations and the polishing of wet sanded areas.

We Liked:

  • Straight away you notice a huge step up in build quality from the second you hold the pad. They feel sturdier, look more professional and have a much better backing velcro.
  • Far more stable. Orange Hex pads in particular had a habit of disintegrating on you in front of your eyes due to heat build up. Not anymore.
  • Far easier to get the pad flat on the paint and maximie the pads capability.
  • Can adjust pressure on the pad from the user without compromising the stability or effectivness of the pad.
  • The Green hex - simply superb.

We Didn't Like:

  • Not currently available in smaller sizes such as spot pads.


A fantastic and needed development to the hex logic range from The Chemical Guys. We have always loved the outright performance of the normal Hex Logic pads but got so frustrated at pads failing, falling apart and pads flinging across the workshop as the glue failed on the velcro backing! This is a complete game changer for Chemical Guys and we believe the best machine polishing pad we have used to date which will certainly take some beating. The Green Quantum pad really is the daddy of all pads with a blend of superb cutting ability, robust performance and finishing capabilities when combined with appropriate product. Compliment it with a top end one step polish and you will never look back. We just hope Chemical Guys can incorporate this technology into their spot pads.

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