CarPlan De-ionised Water Review

CarPlan De-ionised Water for Batteries and Steam Irons 2.5 Litre
CarPlan De-ionised Water is a versatile, purified solution ideal for automotive detailing and ironing. It prevents water spots, streaks, and limescale buildup, leaving spot-free finishes on cars and ensuring smooth ironing. A cost-effective, safe alternative for various surfaces, it's perfect for car enthusiasts and households alike.
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What is it?

CarPlan DIW005 de-ionised water proves to be a remarkably pure and versatile solution, suited for a broad array of cleaning applications. Attained through an intricate de-ionisation process, this water is free from dissolved minerals, impurities, and contaminants, providing a pristine and high-quality result. With no chemicals in the mix, it is safe for use on various surfaces, such as paint, glass, and metal.

Car enthusiasts and professional detailers alike will appreciate the benefits of using de-ionised water for car maintenance. It is particularly effective in preventing water spots and streaks on surfaces during the drying process. Ideal for final rinsing after a thorough car wash, it leaves a spot-free finish on your vehicle. It also works wonders on car windows, mirrors, and other surfaces, ensuring your car remains in immaculate condition.

Moreover, this de-ionised water is an excellent addition to your ironing station, as it prevents limescale buildup. While ironing may not be everyone's cup of tea, this product ensures a hassle-free experience by eliminating any potential issues with your iron. It proves to be a cost-effective alternative to scented iron waters available at supermarkets, while still protecting your iron from limescale. However, it's essential to keep an eye on the price, as it may fluctuate occasionally.

In summary, CarPlan De-ionised Water does precisely what it claims to do, providing an ion-free solution for both automotive and household use.


  • Highly purified water through a de-ionisation process
  • Safe for use on various surfaces, including paint, glass, and metal
  • Prevents water spots and streaks on car surfaces during drying
  • Leaves a spot-free finish after car washing
  • Ideal for cleaning car windows, mirrors, and other surfaces
  • Prevents limescale buildup in irons
  • Cost-effective alternative to scented iron waters
  • Suitable for both automotive and household applications
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