BODEGAEU 12V 35L Car Refrigerator Review

BODEGAEU 12V 35L Car Refrigerator
The BODEGAEU 12V 35L Car Refrigerator is an innovative, robust, and energy-efficient solution, offering generous capacity, dual-zone temperature control, smart features, and enhanced mobility for all your cooling needs on the go
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The BODEGAEU 12V 35L Car Refrigerator, an innovative marvel in the realm of portable cooling, harmoniously combines superior functionality with smart connectivity, and this review will guide you through the product's standout features and advantages.

Ingenious Design and Enhanced Usability

The very first thing that strikes one about this splendid machine is its careful design. Adeptly equipped with off-road wheels and a retractable handle, it guarantees ease of movement. Even a lady could easily manoeuvre this portable refrigerator, making it perfect for picnics, road trips, camping, or even your everyday journeys.

The refrigerator's door, not permanently affixed, can be reversed, allowing for easy access irrespective of the surrounding environment. Ideal for large families with plenty of food and drinks to carry around, this portable fridge offers impressive storage space and can effortlessly sit on the vehicle floor, always keeping essential refreshments within easy reach.

Master of Temperature Control

Boasting a dual-zone design, the BODEGAEU car fridge offers an independent temperature control system, meaning that you can set different temperature levels for each section. This feature is incredibly convenient for segregating beverages and solid food items, ensuring optimal temperatures for each.

But the capabilities of this remarkable refrigerator go beyond mere cooling. Hiding within the lid lies a detachable cutting board, a thoughtful addition that enhances your outdoor food prep experience by providing a clean surface for slicing fruits, vegetables, or other food items.

Intelligent Features and Battery Management

One notable feature of this car refrigerator is its energy-saving ability. The BODEGAEU car fridge is equipped with a battery protection system available in three levels: High, Medium, and Low, each corresponding to different startup and shutdown voltages. This feature ensures you'll never be stranded with a dead battery even if the refrigerator runs while the vehicle is off.

To make it even more user-friendly, this car fridge comes with WIFI+APP control, allowing you to adjust settings right from your mobile device (available for both Android and IOS users). So, you can easily monitor the temperature and power usage of the refrigerator remotely.

BONUS: Future-Proofing with Solar

For those who strive for total energy independence, a future-proof option is to couple the BODEGAEU fridge with a solar panel. This combination would ensure a steady supply of power to the refrigerator without draining your vehicle's battery.

List of Benefits

  • Generous capacity: Ideal for large families or groups, offering 35L space divided into two zones (25L + 10L).
  • Dual-zone temperature control: Allows for independent temperature settings for each section.
  • Smart features: WIFI+APP control for effortless settings adjustment and monitoring.
  • Energy-conscious design: The battery protection system prevents unexpected vehicle battery drainage.
  • Enhanced mobility: Features like wheels and a retractable handle ensure easy manoeuvrability.
  • Flexible access: Reversible door enhances usability based on surroundings.
  • Added conveniences: Comes with an integrated cutting board and cup slot design for added functionality.


The BODEGAEU 12V 35L Car Refrigerator is a robust, all-purpose fridge that might not be the cheapest option in the market, but it undeniably offers superior quality and comprehensive features that justify the investment. Backed by a 1-year warranty and a dedicated technical support team, you can confidently step into a future of cool comfort on the road.

Investing in this fridge ensures not only chilled beverages and fresh food on your trips but also an unparalleled,

convenient, and enjoyable cooling experience on the go.

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