Black Ice Air Freshener Review

Black Ice Air Freshener
A pungent smell that turns heads for a week or so, then becomes much more subtle...
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What We Say

What is it?

As someone who is always on the lookout for a pleasant car air freshener, I was eager to try the Black Ice Little Trees Air Freshener. After seeing that it was literally the most popular automotive product selling on Amazon - and reading many reviews, I decided to give it a go and share my experience with others.

When I first opened the package, I was greeted with a delightful and mysterious scent, which reminded me of a blend of exotic chemicals. It wasn't a natural fragrance, but it was far better than the lingering smell of fast food and gym clothes in my car. The tree-shaped design added a touch of irony and charm, making me feel like I had a little piece of nature hanging from my rearview mirror. Also, you could say that the black colour also exudes a feeling of quality.

After hanging it in my car, I immediately received compliments from passengers about how nice it smelled. However, I noticed that the scent didn't last as long as I had hoped. Within a week or so, the fragrance started to fade, and I found myself wishing it would last longer, especially given the price compared to other non-branded hanging air fresheners.

Despite the short lifespan of the scent, I appreciated the fact that the product was easy to use and affordable, making it perfect for occasional use or a quick fix to freshen up my car. I also found it to be a decent product for the price, and I wouldn't mind purchasing it again in the future.

In conclusion, the Black Ice Little Trees Air Freshener offers a refreshing and intriguing scent that is sure to turn heads. However, be prepared for its fragrance to fade quickly, making it more suitable for temporary use or as a stopgap solution. If you're in need of a car freshener that offers a pleasant and unique aroma, give this one a try, but don't expect the scent to last for ages.

We liked:

  • Quite a pungent smell - certainly noticeable!
  • Reassuring and recognisable brand
  • Simple to hang
  • The price - £1.25 from Amazon, delivered!

We didn't like:

  • Scent began to wear off after just a week or so
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