Beelink EQ12 Soft Router Mini PC Review

The Beelink EQ12 Soft Router Mini PC is a compact yet powerful device, ideal for diverse tasks, offering quiet operation, energy efficiency, and impressive visuals. A top choice in the mini PC market.
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Beelink's newest offering, the EQ12 Soft Router Mini PC, may be compact in size but don't be fooled by its diminutive stature. Packed with an array of modern features, it is designed for both specialized tasks and routine computing needs. This article dives into an in-depth analysis of the Mini PC, drawing from real-world user experiences.

Key Specifications:

  • Brand: Beelink
  • Operating System: DOS
  • Storage Capacity: 500 GB
  • RAM: 8 GB DDR5
  • CPU: Intel Alder Lake-N100
  • Colour: Striking black finish

Noteworthy Features:

  • Powerful Performance: The Mini PC boasts Intel's Alder Lake-N100 processor with a max turbo of 3.4G, ensuring a swift operational experience.
  • Enhanced Memory: Accompanied by DDR5 4800MHz RAM and an M.2 PCIE 2280 SSD, users can enjoy fast data access and smooth multitasking. Plus, there's room for expansion with support for an additional 2.5-inch HDD.
  • Cutting-edge Connectivity: With WiFi6 and BT5.2 wireless transmission, it ensures a seamless online experience. It also offers a dual 2.5G RJ45 interface that serves as a soft router function.
  • Stunning Visuals: Integrated Intel UHD Graphics enable 4K@60Hz triple display capabilities via dual HDMI and Type-C.
  • Reliability: The brand guarantees peace of mind with a one-year warranty service, CE certification, and prompt customer service.


  • Versatile Usage: Whether setting it up as a Windows server or for routine tasks, it's up to the job.
  • Quiet Operation: The built-in fan maintains a steady, whisper-quiet spin rate, ideal for constant use.
  • Energy Efficient: Even when maximised with intensive features, the power consumption is impressively low at 11W.
  • Enhanced Visual Experience: With the right cable, enjoy crisp, high-definition visuals at 4K@60Hz.
  • Effortless Setup: With minimal setup steps, it's practically plug-and-play.

User Experience:

Several users have voiced their satisfaction with the Mini PC. One user mentioned its efficiency as a Windows server, highlighting its silent operation - a boon for those who appreciate a noise-free environment. Another found it to be an excellent choice for building an Untangle device, lauding its minimal power consumption despite the heavy features it supports.

There was a brief hiccup for a user trying to achieve 4K@60Hz visuals, but this was swiftly resolved with a cable replacement. This underscores the importance of ensuring all accessories, like HDMI cables, are up to par for optimum performance.

One user drew a comparison with an older i5 Intel NUC, remarking that the Beelink Mini PC's performance was on par, if not better. For tasks like media streaming and general office work, it has proven to be an impeccable choice.


The Beelink EQ12 Soft Router Mini PC emerges as a top contender in the compact PC market. It beautifully marries performance with convenience, all within a sleek black casing. Whether it's for specialized operations like setting up routers or for regular computing needs, the Mini PC doesn't disappoint. As always, ensure all components, especially external accessories, are of high quality to make the most of this device.

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