Bear Car Care - Vortex Wheel Cleaner Review

Vortex is a non acidic wheel cleaner, Its slick gel based formula helps to breakdown dirt and grime on your wheels.
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What We Say

What is it:

Taken from the Bear Car Care website; Vortex is a premium wheel cleaner. Safe on all wheels its gel based formula will cling to the wheel to help brake dirt down. The formula is slick helping you safely wipe or brush dirt from the wheel.

How we tested it:

We were kindly sent 500ml of Vortex to assess and put through its paces by Bear Car Care themselves as part of a review of their whole range. We looked for the cleaning capability of the wheel cleaner, its ease of use and general place in the market.

We Liked:

  • Awesome cleaning power, in fact one of the best non acidic wheel cleaners we have tested, almost had a fallout remover type "bleeding" effect to cleaning.
  • Smells great for a stronger wheel cleaner, has a pleasant tangy scent to it.
  • Nice and thick so clings to the wheel well for optimum cleaning.
  • Colour helps you to see it doing its thing on the wheel.

We Didn't Like:

  • Trigger head wasn't the best, possibly due to how thick the product is but didn't seem to distribute it well at all.
  • We found we used a lot of product compared to rivals.


Vortex is certainly a wheel cleaner that packs a punch without ruining your lungs in the process. Being an enjoyable product to use alongside strong performance is always going to go down well. We liked that we could coat a wheel with the thick gel like cleaner and leave it to dwell and do its thing without worrying about it running off and it felt like a premium product. The only concern we have is the economy of the product. We used quite a lot to effectively cover a wheel and for this reason there are rivals that offer better value. Do not let this deter you from the product mind. Even if on your shelf for occasional use, it is well worth investment and you wont find a more pleasant product to use on wheels.

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