Bear Car Care - Obliterate Pre Wash Review

Obliterate is a powerful cleaner capable of breaking down dirt, grime & bugs. It helps remove particles to help make your wash safe.
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What We Say

What is it?

Obliterate is described by Bear Car Care as; a powerful cleaner capable of breaking down dirt, grime & bugs. It helps remove particles to help make your wash safe.

How we Tested it:

We have had Obliterate on test for quite some time at the studio and been able to put it through a range of tests and challenges in that time. We have looked at its effectiveness at a range of tasks including pre wash, tyre wall cleaning, engine bay cleaning and more! We have largely looked at its pure cleaning power, ease of use, range of uses and place in the market.

We Liked:

  • Fantastic touchless cleaning power. Blows most pre washes out the water.
  • Smells fantastic. Very tangy scent.
  • Huge range of uses.
  • Breaks down tyre wall grime and old dressings brilliantly.

We didn't like:

  • One of the more expensive pre wash products.


Very difficult product to review. It isn't a citrus wash. It isn't a snow foam. It isn't a Traffic Film Remover but can offer everything that these can. It doesn't dilute down as much as some rivals but is economical purely through its ability and having to use less due to this.

Obliterate really has to be viewed as a stand alone product that is a go to product for real cleaning power prior to main washing. We loved its effectiveness on tyre walls and around lower reaches of cars where heavier soiling occurs, we are yet to see better.

A real stand out, stand alone performer and definitely one to reach for when awesome pre wash power is required.

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