Bear Car Care Immaculate Premium Shampoo Review

Immaculate is a premium shampoo.

A slick thick and suddsy shampoo it will provide plenty of lubrication

to safely wash your car. Just a small amount will create plenty of bubbles.

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What We Say

What is it:

Taken from the Bear Car Care website; Immaculate is a strongly formulated product that provides maximum suds and will glide over your paintwork effortlessly. Making dirt removal easier and safer.

How we Tested it:

Bear Car Care have kindly provided us with several of their products to trial, including Immaculate, which we received 500ml of to put through its paces. We have tested Immaculate on a variety of vehicles including those which have a ceramic coating, wax protection and unprotected heavily soiled paintwork. We largely looked at the slickness/safety of the product and its economy as well as finish.

We Liked:

  • One of the nicest foaming shampoos we have had on test at the studio. The foam forms almost a mousse like sud consistency and is very nice on the wash mitt.
  • Smells absolutely fantastic, one of our favourites to date.
  • Feels incredibly slick under the wash mitt, giving a real sense of safety for the paint finish beneath.
  • Cleans very effectively without leaving any residuesoap markings on the surface following rinsing.
  • Economical in its use, only need a small amount for substantial lubrication and suds.

We Didn't like:

  • We would like it available in larger quantities and hope this comes in time.


We have tested some fantastic shampoos in recent times at the Trusted Car Products studio. Without question, Immaculate is one of the best. We are often asked, surely if a shampoo cleans well its done its job. Whilst true to an extent and there are many good car shampoos on the market, you occasionally get a product come along that goes that extra 10% and makes you notice its merits over other also very commendable products. With Immaculate, from start to finish it is a joy to use. From the great smell on opening and mixing to the slick feel over the vehicle to the perfect finish, we simply cannot fault it.

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