BD Clean Gloss Detailer Review

BD Clean Gloss Detailer has been specially designed to be a perfect post-wash solution that can be used as you clean your car, or can even be used daily to keep your car in a beautiful and shiny condition. Our unique quick detailer (QD) is engineered to remove all water marks, fingerprints and post-wash dirt or dust quickly and easily, to leave a gleaming, glossy finish while also giving your car a beautiful scent.
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What We Say

What is it?

A gloss enhancing detailing spray from the team at BD Clean which claims to "Remove all the Evidence". Available in a 500ml trigger head bottle for £8.99, BD Clean claim their detailer will remove water marks finger prints and dust whilst boosting protection on the vehicle and leaving a beautiful scent to the vehicle.

How we tested it?

We were sent a 500ml bottle by BD Clean to put through its paces and feedback upon. We have used it in everything from sprucing protection and gloss post treatment to cleaning door shut areas and lightly soiled wheels and bodywork. We looked at gloss, ease of application, scent and overall effectiveness of the product.

We Liked:

  • Great packaging. The 'Removes all the evidence" tag means you straight away understand the purpose of the product.
  • Insanely economical, the tiniest amount is needed to cover large areas effortlessly.
  • Fantastic depth of shine left by the product, very clear difference.
  • Great cleaning capabilities. We found it made light work of quite substantial door shut soiling.
  • Well priced for the quality of product offered.
  • Smells great, little sweet but we liked it.

We didn't like:

  • Erm"¦


A first for Trusted Car Products and congratulations to BD Clean. We cannot fault the product. It performs both effortlessly and impressively leaving a slick, glossy, deep finish while doing so with very little effort and using very little product. The price whilst not the cheapest is competitive and combined with economy and performance make it not even an issue at all. There will be those who find the smell slightly too sweet but we liked it and you can smell that you have used it on the vehicle upon completion which is nice especially for the show goer. Quite simply faultless.

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