Autosmart Tardis Review

Autosmart Tardis is an essential product for any wash kit, it performs a key step between the wash and clay stage. Its outstanding ability to remove tar and bug splatter ensures that minimal claying is need thereafter to completely de-contaminate your paintwork. While it's free-rinsing formula prevents unsightly white stains from forming, care should be taken to avoid using it on freshly painted surfaces, as it does have the potential to dissolve uncured paint.
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What We Say

What is it?

A powerful tar and adhesive remover available in trade quantities from Autosmart.

How we Tested it?

It is unlikely you will find any valeting or detailing service that hasn't used Tardis. We almost always have at least 5 litres in stock and being used from day to day so it only seemed right we gave our views on it. We have used the product on everything from general vehicle tar to decal removal and glue removal.

We Liked:

  • Effective on any adhesive. Simply spray, allow to soak, agitate gently and wipe.
  • Quick reaction time on contact with tar.
  • Water like consistency allows for large areas of tar to be covered at a time.
  • Good for soaking large areas of glue to soften them prior to removal.

We Didn't like:

  • Can bleach plastics if not careful. Any contact with plastics should be prior tested.
  • Usage can be quite high due to the liquid not dwelling particularly well.


A veteran of most people's detailing arsenal and will most likely never leave our own. We do wish it was safer for all surfaces as on more than one occasion we have had a severe adverse reaction to plastic trim. We also wish you didn't use so much in application. However there is no doubting its strength and effectiveness at what it is ultimately designed to do. The real question is can it hold its own when Power Maxed Tar Off is available in the same quantities and offers a better dwell time and value? We think it may come down to personal preference. For us, Tar Off just edges it.

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