Autosmart Highstyle Review

Our most versatile dressing. Leaves a weather resistant finish for all tyres, vinyl and plastics, inside and out. Unbeatable gloss and lustre.
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What We Say

What is it?

A multipurpose revitalising dressing for tyres and interior and exterior plastic surfaces leaving a water resistant coating.

How we Tested it?

We purchased a 5L container of Highstyle from Autosmart themselves on recommendation from detailing forums over how good it was as a tyre dressing. We tested it both as a tyre dressing and on interior and exterior plastics as stated by Autosmart as the products purpose.

We Liked:

  • The range of uses for the product. The fact you can use the same product for exterior trim and tyres is both a time and cost saver.
  • Can be applied with a spray bottle, applicator or painted on the tyre wall.
  • Leaves a nice slick black finish on tyres that lasts well. Even after several weeks it is clear the tyres have been dressed.
  • We loved putting the product in a spray bottle and using to quickly dress honeycomb grills and other awkward areas.

We Didn't like:

  • Quite a messy product. Has an oily, silicone texture to it and can be quite streaky and messy on alloys if over applied.
  • We wouldn't recommend for interior surfaces, it is quite high in gloss and looks unnatural on certain plastics.
  • We have found that it didn't bond to some tyre walls as well as others.


Highstyle is a useful product. We like the finish it leaves on tyres if a little messy to use and love that you can use it to dress some (not all) exterior plastic surfaces. There are other tyre dressings in the price bracket that we prefer and it isn't the most enjoyable product to use due to the consistency and texture of the mixture but as an all rounder, it can be commended. Particularly for the trade user.

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