Autosmart G101 Multi Purpose Cleaner Review

Use on interiors for those difficult to clean areas, such as headlinings, door panels and boot linings.

For exterior use it can be used as a non-acidic wheel cleaner,

cleaning door shuts, great for removing polish mark from trim and ideal

for removing difficult wax residues of co-polymer transportation wax. It also has many uses for workshops and plan hire companies.

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What We Say

What is it?

G101 is an all purpose cleaner from Autosmart designed to be used on the interior, exterior and engine bays of vehicles. It is largely regarded that there isn't a task that G101 cannot perform.

How we Tested it?

We purchased 5L of G101 some time ago for use in the detailing business. Due to the dilution ratios, it has lasted us quite some time. In this time we have tested it on a wide range of uses from fabric roof cleaning to engine bays, general interior and exterior cleaning and even wheel cleaning. We observed outright cleaning power, range of uses and ease of use of the product mainly.

We Liked:

  • Great range of uses, a genuine all purpose cleaner which we have yet to find a task it cannot perform.
  • Great instructions on the container, gives clear dilutions to mix up the product to for a range of tasks.
  • Very effective on interior plastics when agitated at extracting deeply embedded dirt, also great for pedals and door shuts.
  • Great in engine bays due to its degreasing qualities which effectively break down stubborn deposits.
  • Effective wheel cleaner! Though we wouldn't recommend using frequently due to it being a corrosive product.

We Didn't Like:

  • The fact it is corrosive is always in the back of your mind and you never quite know whether to follow the product with something else following its use on certain surfaces.
  • Can be a cruel mistress if care not taken, we have had G101 leave etching on plastic chrome surfaces and also stain some plastic surfaces on interiors.
  • Quite a choking and arguably unpleasant odour, smells like an industrial cleaning product but not necessarily in a good way.


We don't like using G101, we don't like the smell, it chokes you if inhaled and we do worry about its strength on certain surfaces. But you just cannot argue with the results. For engine bays, door shuts, wheel arches, algae on roofs"¦we could go on"¦ it's an indispensable weapon in the detailing army. G101 is probably the best known product in the trade sector and there is a reason for it. Buy some, 90% of the time you will find yourself never using it and then that day will come when you will be forever glad you have it.

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