Autoglym Supreme Car Care Collection Review

Autoglym Supreme Car Care Collection
The Autoglym Supreme Car Care Collection offers a comprehensive, high-quality range of car cleaning and protection products that deliver impeccable results, despite being slightly pricey. It's an excellent value, user-friendly, and reliable kit.
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The world of automotive care, much like a symphony, comes together with the harmonious blend of every intricate detail. Just as every instrument adds its unique essence to the performance, each cleaning product plays its part in the impeccable maintenance of your vehicle. This is the magic woven by the Autoglym Supreme Car Care Collection, a set boasting of 12 premium car cleaning products. This comprehensive kit caters to every aspect of your vehicle, enhancing its beauty and preserving its allure both internally and externally.

A Comprehensive Orchestra of Care

The Autoglym Supreme Car Care Collection comprises a thoughtfully curated range of cleaning products, each designed to serve a specific purpose:

  • Body Work Shampoo Conditioner (500 ml) - A refreshing cleanse for your car's exterior
  • Super Resin Polish (325 ml) - Restores gloss and smooths out the scuffs and scratches
  • Rapid Ceramic Spray (500 ml) - For a swift and easy protective finish
  • Clean Wheels (500 ml) - For spotless and dust-free wheels
  • Instant Tyre Dressing (500 ml) - An immediate sprucing up for your tyres
  • Wheel Protector (300 ml) - A shield against the rough and tumble of the road
  • Interior Car Shampoo (500 ml) - To eliminate stubborn stains from your vehicle's interior
  • Vinyl and Rubber Care (500 ml) - To revive the original hue of your surfaces
  • Fast Glass (500 ml) - For crystal clear and dirt-free windows

The collection also includes three accessories:

  • Microfibre Wash Mitt
  • Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth
  • Hi-Tech AquaDry

Benefits of the Autoglym Supreme Car Care Collection

  • A comprehensive car care kit catering to all your cleaning needs
  • High-performance products that ensure a long-lasting protective coat on your car
  • Premium quality accessories included for the perfect finish
  • Ensures a meticulous clean with a three-stage approach: cleanse, polish, and protect
  • The superior quality expected from an established and trusted brand like Autoglym

In-Depth Review

The effectiveness of the Autoglym Supreme Car Care Collection rests not just on the array of products but also on the superior results they deliver. This kit is not only simple to utilise but also ensures an impeccable finish, testament to Autoglym's commitment to quality and excellence.

Though some may argue that the product volumes could be more generous considering the price point, one must remember that Autoglym has built its reputation on delivering quality over quantity. What may seem diminutive in size, actually packs a powerful punch in terms of performance.

On ordering the collection right before Christmas, one customer was pleased to note the prompt delivery and seamless transaction. Starting to delve into the world of car detailing with a vehicle that had not seen a wash in quite some time, the Autoglym collection was a pleasant surprise. The performance of the wheel and alloy cleaning products has affirmed the excellent value for money this kit offers.

For a company as old and trusted as Autoglym, consistency and quality are key, and they surely deliver on this promise. Investing in this kit will undoubtedly result in significant cost savings as opposed to buying everything individually. It's a testament to Autoglym's excellence that I've used their products for years with nary a complaint about quality.


If you are on the hunt for a product that delivers a shining, spotless car every single time, look no further than the Autoglym Supreme Car Care Collection. It's a harmony of cleaning, care, and protection that will leave your vehicle singing a song of impeccable cleanliness and shine.

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