Autoglym Professional Super Strength Shampoo Review

Super highly concentrated detergent for the removal of traffic film and contaminants from bodywork
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What We Say

What is it:

A brand new shampoo from the Autoglym Professional range offering a completely pure, unscented shampoo with no gloss enhancers and a dilution rate of 1000:1.

How we tested it:

Autoglym provided us with 5 litres of the product to put to the test. We have used 10ml as recommended in a bucket as part of the two bucket method. Observing the cleaning power, paint safety and economy of the product among many factors.

We Liked:

  • Pure shampoo meaning not only coating safe but no impact on surface, no films left behind.
  • Good cleaning power, left paintwork cleansed and with no water marking or residue left.
  • Economical in use with a dilution of 1000:1.
  • Rich foam from a small amount of product and slick, paint safe feel to the product.

We Didn't Like:

  • Works out at twice the cost of some rivals which also offer similar or greater ecomomy.


Autoglym have always produced quality car shampoos but their main trade shampoo has always trailed somewhat in economy at 200:1. With this new offering the economy is not just five times greater, the purity and premium feel of the product has been cranked up. For those who regularly work upon coated and protected vehicles, purity is everything and it combines this with a good feel of paintwork safety and an impressive finish. It's just a shame that the price has also cranked up so much!

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