Autoglym Professional Instadry Drying Towel Review

A new rapid drying, incredibly absorbent, easy to wring out, PVA impregnated cloth. It can be used to dry your car following wash, preventing water spots and streaks. It is extremely long lasting and the absorbency actually improves with each use.
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What We Say

What is it:

A synthetic chamoismicrofibre hybrid drying towel, described by Autoglym as; A rapid drying, incredibly absorbent, easy to wring out, PVA impregnated cloth.

How we tested it:

Autoglym provided us with several of their towels to put to the test and we have done so on a range of vehicles, observing of most importance obviously the drying capability. Also of interest to us is paintwork safety, ease of use and quality of the product.

We Liked:

  • Good initial absorption of water. Towel softens and gets easier to use as it does so.
  • Can double for glass cleaning use.

We Didn't Like:

  • Paint safety concerns, rough surface and no pile to it unlike deep pile drying towels which factor in safety through plushness.
  • Not as absorbent as rival drying towels.
  • Even on small cars we found you either needed 2 towels or to wring out regularly. Rival towels can dry 3-4 vehicles without being wrung.
  • Awkward to store, when dry, sets firm. Microfibre towels can be more easily folded and hung over things.


We heard about the Insta-dry towels before they were released and were intrigued as were built up with high praise pre-launch. We never like to be critical but in all honesty, we don't really see a place for the towel. With prices ranging from £8-£12 for the towel, there are rivals on the market in the same price point that offer 2-3 times the drying power whilst having 700gsm+ of softness for your paintwork and much easier to use and store. We compared the towel side by side to another drying towel we have on test on a Mini Cooper and whilst the rival towel was slightly damp after drying, the car was dry in one hit. With the Insta-dry, we were stopping to wring the towel out and had to call upon a second towel to finish up anywhere near as quickly. Sorry, not one for us.

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